Domestic Water Solutions

Domestic water solutions is Discussions About the Pollution of Our Water Supplies. Raw Sewerage and Chemicals is Been Dumped Into Our Rivers and Dams.

Discussions of domestic water solutions.

Domestic Water Solutions

Sewerage water flow in dam feeding

  • Discuss domestic tap water related topic.
  • Contaminated tap water.
  • What to do if your tap water is contaminated.
  • Would you know if your tap water is unsafe?
  • Are there any human faeces in the tap water?
  • How does it get into the tap water?
  • Is my health at risk?
  • Does it have a short or long term impact on my health?

Tap water is contaminated what to do:

  • Take tap water sample to testing laboratory.
  • Before taken the tap water sample phone the laboratory and get the sampling procedures.
  • Talk to the person who does the test analysis.
  • Ask them what to test for.
  • Get the information from your area water pollution.
  • Do not take advice from the reception.
  • Talk to those who know what they talking about.

Never be ignorant about any water that is contaminated.

Domestic Water Solutions

Sewerage contaminating dam water.

  • Water that is contaminated can cause your death.
  • Boil the water if there is any doubt.

Water have a strange smell and taste:

  • Is it a new   smell or taste in the water?
  • Find out if there was or is a contamination of water in the area.
  • Is the water source from a borehole or a river?
  • Is it water that the council supply?
  • If it is borehole water, what is the distance from the nearest pit toilet or drain?
  • What is the distance from an animal place of rest or camp?

If you want to know anything regarding the domestic water solutions.


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