RO Activated Carbon Filter

RO Activated Carbon Filter the Most Commonly Used Water Filter Today in the Reverse Osmosis Systems for the Filtration Process. Different Type’s Carbon Filters.

A person asks for information about a water RO Activated Carbon Filter.

Water carbon filter is the type of activated carbon filters that is been used by the water industry in water purifying systems.

There is a few types of this activated carbon filters.

The appearance is sometimes different but it is all the same.

What types of activated carbon filters is there?

RO Activated Carbon Filter

Domestic carbon

  • Water filters:
  • Activated carbon water filter that is the most commonly used filter medium.
  • Activated carbon water filters for the reverse osmosis systems is a must.
  • There is big whole house systems that require big activated carbon filters that can work on the volume that the big systems require.
  • There is two types mostly used activated carbon filters for reverse osmosis systems:
  • Solid activated carbon filter:
  • The solid activated carbon filter is solid in form.
  • The way it is formed is that the fine carbon material is mixed with a plastic substance and then cast in the form.
  • There is more plastic than activated carbon in this water filter.
  • Granular activated carbon filter:
  • This carbon filter is fine granular carbon bits that is just been put in a filter housing to accommodate the material.
  • The water flow passes the granular carbon and is in the process cleared from the s called chlorine.
  • This granular carbon filter is been used in nearly every reverse osmosis system.
RO Activated Carbon Filter

RO Activated Carbon Filter Advice

Coconut activated carbon filter

  • This friend is the biggest fake or misleading product that is on the market.
  • The carbon material that they use in this filter is the same as the granular filter.
  • They call this filter the “taste and odour” filter.
  • Coconut fibre is too soft and would not make even low quality activated carbon material.
  •  The use of the word coconut carbon creates an impression that the product must be good.
  • Coconut is then be used in nearly every beauty product.
  • Then it must be good.

Activated carbon Material:

  • Activated carbon material is made from coal that we export to China for processing.
  • China uses the coal and makes carbon from the coal and put it in the water filters.
  • They want us to believe that the process to create the activated carbon is intense and required skill and knowledge.
  • Can I say “Bull Shit”; they just rip us off with their rubbish that they come and dump in our country.
  • It is all about money for China. The same with the mineral replacement filters that is all but fake.
RO Activated Carbon Filter

RO Activated Carbon Filter information

Air filters:

  • Activated carbon air filter is design to clean the air.
  • We do not deal in this type of filters.



What types of domestic carbon filters is available?


What is the difference between activated carbon and carbon (charcoal)?

RO Activated Carbon Filter

Top: granular activated carbon.
Bottom: activated carbon block.

  • In my eyes it is a lot of bull s…t.
  • The countries that export want you to believe that the activated carbon is specially processed.
  • I do not believe the statement that they make that the process is controlled.
  • That is a market approach to sell only their products.
  • The activated carbon that is been imported is goal from other countries that’s been export to china and there neighbouring countries.
  • It is then import to us at a big profit.
  • Do not believe anything a person tells you.
  • Do some investigation and you will find shocking information yourself.


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