RO Woven Water Filter

RO Woven Water Filter is a money waster. We call it a low quality water filter. No measuring standard for filtration capacity. Thumb suck is the name. We don’t use this type of water filter. It is wool that is been rolled onto a centre section. Stay away, stay away.

What is a RO Woven Water Filter?

RO Woven Water Filter

Woven water filter information photo

  • Wool is rolled around a center holder and that is the woven water filter.
  • It is woven at a specific tension to create the required micron that it is supposed to be.
  • This water filter is not what we expect from a high quality water filter.
  • The micron of this type of water filters is not accurate; it is assumption that it is a specific micron.
  • Not acceptable for our standards.
  • Looks impressive but that is all that is to this water filter.
  • Parasites and bacteria still go through or even multiply in this wonderful environment.
  • Just another cheap way by China to make money.
RO Woven Water Filter

Woven water filter general information photo

Will you use theRO Woven Water Filter?

  • No, not even if the suppliers give it for free to us.
  • If it is not good enough for us then it is not good enough for our clients.
  • We only used water filters and products that we have tested that meet our standards.
  • We only use high quality products that we know is the best product for the job.
  • Our clients expect the best and that is what we will provide them with.
  • We expect only the best products for any low quality product will just be of no value to us or our clients.
  • We do not use money wasters, and don’t take the word of any suppliers that wants to get rid of their cheap stuff.


Do you find this RO Woven Water Filter in systems?

  • We then replace it with our high quality filters.
  • The service people how do not know there products use this type of products.
  • Fly by nights or must I say the uninformed service person use this type of water filters.
  • Can you advise us on what water filters to use.
  • Yes, what you do, is:
  • You make contact with us by phone or email and we will service your water purifying system.
  • We do not sell or provide water filters over the counter.
  • The reason is that the system must be inspected from the beginning to end.
  • Every part must be checked for optimal functioning.
RO Woven Water Filter

Woven water filter for the reverse osmosis system



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