RO Water Filter Placement Order

RO Water Filter Placement Order of the correct order the water filters must be to get the maximum protection from the filters.  This order has a very important function when it comes to the membrane lifespan.

What is the reverse osmosis system water filter placement order?

RO Water Filter Placement Order

RO water filter placement order

  • There is no placement order of the water filters.
  • Depends on what is present in the tap water.
  • Every requirements of tap water differs.
  • Borehole water and industrial water is different.
  • Chlorine is in one water sample and not the other water sample.


Best RO Water Filter Placement Order for tap water.

Activated carbon water filters:

RO Water Filter Placement Order

RO Water Filter Placement Order Information

  • First two activated carbon filters.
  • Activated carbon block filters is better than the granular activated carbon water filter.
  • Can use an activated carbon block and granular water filter?
  • Quality is a problem with this type of water filters.
  • Activated carbon filters is made of coal from the earth.
  • Coal that have dangerous material and chemicals in.
  • A statement that they make regarding this activated carbon water filters is marketing data.
  • Show the proof of the effectiveness.
  • Money waster and a china money generator.
water filter placement order

water filter placement order information

Sediment water filters:

  • The third filter housing is for:
  • The sediment water filter.
  • To prevent solids from entering the reverse osmosis membrane.

Melted spray water filter:

  • Melted spray has depth for filtration.
  • No control in manufacturing process.
  • We don’t use this type of water filter.
  • Low quality water filter.
  • Cheap water filter.
  • Money waster in my view.
  • No proof of quality.
  • This filter has a 60% efficiency rate.
  • What it is, if it is a 1 micron filter then 60% oft
  • The filter will prevent stuff that is 1 micron from going through.
  • The 40% will let stuff that is 1 micron and bigger go through the filter.
  • Is this effective in your eyes?

Pleated water filter:

  • Pleated water filter have surface area for filtration.
  • Controlled manufacturing process.
  • Amazing manufacturing technology in production of pleated filters.
  • The pleated is 5 times more expensive than the melted spray.
  • Quality wise is the pleated the superior water filter.
  • Use this type of water filter.

Why this RO Water Filter Placement Order?

  • The activated carbon water filter is to absorb the chlorine and other chemicals.
  • Prevent bigger solids from entering the sediment filter housing.
  • Must do the most in preventing any material or chemicals to enter the sediment filter housing.
  • Statements made that the activated carbon block is 5 micron is a total lie.
  • No micron control can be measured in the activated carbon water filters.
  • The last or third water filter is the sediment filter.
  • Prevent solids from entering the membrane filter housing area.
  • Any solids that pass through to the membrane will clog the membrane.
  • This is where we get the photos from.
  • The membrane is contaminated with parasites like roundworms.

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