RO Water Filter Section

RO Water Filter Section is about some RO and other water filters that have been discussed. If it is a water filter it is no guaranty that the filter is worth the money or even usage of it. Only high quality water filters can do the job. Ask us and we will advise you. To the sales person every water filter is the best as long as it goes out the shop door. Even the service people do not know the difference between a no name brand and a high quality filter.


Explain what the RO Water Filter Section is:

RO Water Filter Section

Reverse osmosis water filter sectio

  • We will explain the different reverse osmosis water filters that are on the market.
  • We will answer any question related to reverse osmosis water filters that our clients ask on the website.
  • What domestic water filters is the best for the normal household.
  • What are the best water treatment system water filters that I can get?
  • What is the best or correct installation order of the reverse osmosis systems water filters?
  • What are the benefits of the different types of water filters?
  • In-depth information about every type of water filter is available to our clients when we service your reverse osmosis or any other type of water system.
  • The usage of the different types of water filters is necessary for different types of water sources.

Marketing of water filter section information:

  • What is the correct usage of the different types of water filters?
  • Activated carbon filters is for the removal of chlorine and some chemicals that is present in the water.
  • Melt blown and pleated filters are for the removal of sediment.
  • Just to name a few applications.
  • What is a fair price for water filters?
  • Price is in proportion with the quality of the product that you buy.
  • Most of the water filters for reverse osmosis systems is cheap and that says it all.
  • When I started with the water business I use to buy the cheap filters.
  • As the years pass I start doing some tests and quality checks of all the different products.
  • I believed what the suppliers told me about the products.
  • But after some tests and quality checks I decided to believe only the facts that I found.
  • Which water filters do you prefer?
  • Only high quality water filters and they are from specific brands.
  • I do not use the filters that I used to use when I started the business.
  • It is very selective about the water filters.
  • What is the life span of the water filter?
  • A year is a good life span for a reverse osmosis systems filters.
  • Some can last longer like the taste and odour filter that is after the membrane.
RO Water Filter Section

RO Water Filter Section

Fake and useless RO Water Filter Section:

  • This is a very sensitive issue for me.
  • The suppliers and sales people mislead the clients with all sorts of claims about the different water filters.
  • With no accredited lab reports to support their claims.
  • Filters that put minerals back in the reverse osmosis water are a sure money waster.
  • What minerals does it replace and where is the proof.
  • You will find that the manufacturers information do not appear on the filter.
  • May be the supplier’s information.
  • Try to contact the manufacturer of the filter if you have a legal case.
  • Forget it as soon as possible.
  • Any health benefits water filters that have no proof.
  • Water filters that have a health action are a sure money waster.
  • No datasheet available of any mineral water filter.
  • No independent laboratory reports.
  • Marketing material is been used as the true thing.
  • Marketing material is to promote sales and is not a fact sheet.