RO Water Connections

The RO Water Connections is not just connecting the reverse osmosis system to your existing water supply line. There is the inlet water pressure that must be tested. Do you have the equipment to do the testing? Is it accurate? What if the water pressure is 800 kPa? What if it is 200 kPa? What fittings do you need? Do you have the correct fittings? Is the water pressure to high or too low? If the water inlet pressure is too high what effect will it have on the functioning of the system and will it damage the system?

RO Water Connections and other devices like the reverse osmosis system?

RO Water Connections

Water connections for the reverse osmosis system.

Yes, water connections is done if we service a reverse osmosis system and see that the client has a device that uses water.  We connect the reverse osmosis purified water flow to the system. Devices like fridge, ice maker and water dispensers. You just put a T-piece after the taste and odour water filter the one that’s on top of the unit. The distance that the water must flow is of no value. Take note, to use tubing to cover the tube (pipe) if it is in the sun. It is not UV resistant. The water connections are not limited to one product. You can have as many water connections as you like onto the reverse osmosis system.

Is there anything that I must know when I do a water connections from the house to the reverse osmosis system?

Yes, this is the most critical part of any installation. You must know what the water inlet pressure is from the house. If the water inlet pressure is to low the reverse osmosis system will not function as it is designed to function. If the pressure is too high that can cause the reverse osmosis systems filter housing to burst. There is one other thing that can go wrong and that will cost you thousands of rands a year without you knowing it.

Is any water connections important?

Yes, if you take your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge or even the taps. The water inlet pressure to the house is sometimes higher than other times. This high water pressure damages any seal that is in the system. Yes it damages the seals and that will cost you on leakage. With the washing machine or dishwasher it, is costs that require repair costs.