RO Installation Questions


We do this RO Installation Questions page to inform the person who wants to do the reverse osmosis systems installation themselves. There some critical information required when you install the reverse osmosis system. Information that is not in the installation manual.

I have a reverse osmosis system installation question for you.

Can I install a domestic reverse osmosis system myself?

  • Yes and no.

Yes scenario:

RO Installation Questions

RO installation question information

  • Yes and you have no guarantee that your system works correct.
  • You know nothing about the workings of the domestic reverse osmosis systems.
  • Sales people who tell you that you can do it yourself.
  • Know not what they are talking about.
  • They just want the sale.
  • If the sales person knows that much about the reverse osmosis system let they install the system.
  • Do you have the tools to do the installation?
  • Do you know what to look for?
  • Do you know what to test for?
  • Will you put your loved once health on the line.
  • There will be roundworms in your domestic reverse osmosis system.
  • That is a definite 100% fact.

No scenario:

RO Installation Questions

Reverse osmosis system installation question discussed

  • Let the people who specialize in the domestic systems do the installation.
  • Installation is included in the price.
  • We have the equipment to install the system.
  • We know what to look for. We do the 5 tests that’s required from ID-WATSS.
  • You get a three year warranty.
  • Filters and yearly service excluded.

RO Installation Questions of the I’m a Do-It-Yourself person.

  • Please we will not be part of your DIY practice.
  • You play doctor and hangman with your loved once health.
  • Please do not make contact with us.
  • The DIY person with the domestic reverse osmosis system is the same as the dishonest marketers that we discussed on this website.
  • We ask you not to use our information with your DIY dealings.
  • This is very serious to us because we know what is present in our tap water.
  • You do it yourself you are on your own.
  • We want no part in it. thanks.
  • RO Installation Questions

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