The Reverse Osmosis System Installation is critical when it comes to the correct functioning of your water purification system.
A plumber can do the installation by using the installation manual.
The problem is there is not really any critical information in the reverse osmosis system manual.
If the information is not in the manual how would you know what is critical and what not.
This information is only gained from intensive study and testing of the reverse osmosis systems functioning.

Do I need a plumber to do the reverse osmosis system installation?

No, you do not need a plumber to do the reverse osmosis system installation.
You need a person that knows what he is doing.
The best option is to get hold of a person that has an inept knowledge of the workings of the reverse osmosis system.
Plumbers and the DIY guy do not know the correct working of the reverse osmosis system.
They are brilliant with water related items in and around the house.
If you or a plumber installs the system it is the same.
People with no knowledge, about the correct working procedures of the water treatment system.

What is the optimal required water pressure for the reverse osmosis system?

You will not find this information in the installation manual.
Most of the time the people put the reverse osmosis system with the electrical pump in because they do not know what the water pressure is.
It is critical that the incoming water pressure must be measured.
If you are not sure then please contact us to assist you.
The wrong installation will only give you a false sense of peace of mind.
To have a water system that works correct or not even have a system at all is the same.
You are playing with your health and wasting money.
Do it the right way the first time.
60% of the water treatment systems that we test are faulty due to poor workmanship.
Plumbers are specialist on plumbing not water treatment systems.
They follow the installation instructions that do not specify the critical things to look for.
A water treatment system that doesn’t function correctly is a total waste of money.
There is critical information that is not in the instructions and most of the people that install the systems do not know ether.
This information was collected after years of tests and the setup of standards for the reverse osmosis systems.

Question to ask the person who do the reverse osmosis system installation:

What is the correct inlet working pressure of the reverse osmosis system?
What are the 6 tests that must be done to ensure the system works correct?
What is the correct arrangement of the different filters?
Can you help or assist me with information regarding the reverse osmosis system installation?

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