Install RO Water Treatment System


Install Water Treatment System must not be seen as a quick installation that requires no knowledge of the workings of the system. It is just a water system. No it is “The system”. It is a very sensitive system and if the installation is not done professionally. This same system can give you value for money. Or the system can take money and cost you thousands. Lucky you wouldn’t even notice it.

I Install RO Water Treatment System myself.

Install RO Water Treatment System

Install Domestic water Treatment system myself

  • That is the instructions that the sales people at suppliers of reverse osmosis systems tell you.
  • All that the sales person knows is to sell the product.
  • They haven’t a clue how to install a reverse osmosis system.
  • They referred to the installation instructions.
  • The installation instructions are not correct.
  • It is the basic installations procedures.
  • There is much more to it.



Can I buy a domestic reverse osmosis system from you?

Install RO Water Treatment System

Install water Treatment system information

  • Yes but we must do the installation.
  • Installation in included in price.
  • We may not sell any water treatment product over the counter.
  • It is all about our client’s health.
  • We also provide a three year warranty.
  • Yearly service and water filters are excluded.

Why we install water Treatment system ?

  • To be sure that the water treatment system work correct.
  • We do 6 different tests.
  • We have the equipment to do the installations.
  • We know the correct working standards of the water treatment system.
  • We test for excessive water wastage.

Why we Install RO Water Treatment System ourselves:

  • The reverse osmosis system is not what the sales person told you that you can do the installation yourself.
  • We do not agree with this type of statement that’s been made.
  • They do the statement just to sell the product.
  • The moment you walk out of that shop with the system you will do anything possible to get it installed.
  • You will not question any advice or information that sales person have provide you with.
  • Do you really think that person have installed a reverse osmosis system correctly?
  • Go back and tell that sales person that he told you that you can do it yourself.
  • Let him or her show you what to do.
  • Most of the time the fittings do not match up and then you must run around to get the correct fittings.
  • What is the time and fuel that you spend?
  • Do you know what the correct water pressure for the system is?
  • No, they do not provide it in the manual.
  • You are in for a big surprise, Mr big Spender.
  • Is not just for any person to take the system and connect it to the house inlet water supply.
  • System has very sensitive parts.
  • This is an unwise decision.
  • Install RO Water Treatment System – is Not Just Any Person to Take the System and Connect it to the House Inlet Water Supply. System Has Very Sensitive Parts.


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