RO Installation

To do the RO Installation is not as the sales person say. “You can do it yourself”. This is not true. You can do anything but to do it the right way is another story. A new client of me phoned me from Bronkhorstspruit and asks me if I could come and look to her reverse osmosis system. The service person who sell and install the system to her told her that she needs a new storage tank because it is damaged. Why is it damaged? Poor workmanship that is the reason. He installed the systems not working according any standards. Then again why must he care? It is more sales for him. He had the audacity to tell the women that she would not get a person that could fix the problem she have. It took me 15 minutes. There is important and critical things you must look for when you do the RO installation. If you do not apply this information you will damage the working of the system. That will cost you to get somebody to fix the problem and replace the damaged parts. Then there is the water wastage that can run in the hundreds of thousands of litres per year.


Domestic RO installation section:

RO Installation

Information of the RO Installation procedures that must be comply to.

  • Do you have any reverse osmosis system installation questions that you have difficulty with?
  • We share information regarding the correct installation procedures of a reverse osmosis system.
  • Did the sales person tell you that you can do the reverse osmosis systems installation yourself?
  • You are in for a big surprise for it is the marketers and sales people way to make you think that you can do it.
  • That, there is nothing special about the water system.
  • That is not the case with a water treatment system.
  • It is a complex system and if the system is installed incorrectly then the following thing can happened:
  • It can damage some parts of the system that would cost you to replace.
  • It can be a source of contamination if the system is installed incorrectly.
  • Will you treat your loved once if they are seriously ill with herbs from the field that you have harvest yourself?
  • That is what you are going to cause because the water treatment system will not functioning correctly.
  • There could be roundworms in the water system present that you have installed.
  • The system filter housings can burst, cracked or even leak due to the way you assemble it.
  • You will say that is not rocket science, you just put the filter in and screw the top and bottom section on and that’s it.
  • Sure it is that easy but next time you open that filter housing you will damage the O-rings and then you must drive around to find the same size.
  • What is the correct order of the filters?
  • But let’s talk about the 4 way valve that gets damaged when you installed the water treatment system.
  • The waste pipe of the system is connected after the bend in the basins waste pipe.
  • That is where they show you it must be installed.
  • The waste water flow down the basin waste pipe and you think the system works wonderful.
RO Installation

contact us with your RO Installation questions.

4 Way Valve Damaged:

  • Let’s look to it this way, the 4 way valve is damaged:
  • The waste water flow rate is 250 ml per minute.
  • That is 15 litres per hour, and 360 litres a day.
  • Not so bad is it?
  • But those 360 litres a day become 131,400 litres per year that flow down the drain.
  • Good for you. Wasting water and do not even know that.
  • That was penny wise, pound foolish don’t you think so?
  • You can pay thousands of rands and not even know it.


Information about the RO installation:


  • If you have question just ask we are here to help and advice people.
  • The do it yourself guy, I do not want to help you for the mere fact that I do not want any part in the risk practise.
  • You are welcome to use somebody else. I must be honest and that is said in plain language.
  • We will answer the questions by creating a page where we answer it.
  • RO Installation can be a night mare if you do not know what to look for.



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