RO System Parts

RO System Parts

Domestic Reverse Osmosis System Parts

  • Individual parts of the reverse osmosis system.
  • Discuses individual parts and the way it works as a unit.
  • The correct functioning of every individual part in the reverse osmosis system is critical.
  • The reason for the quality standards of every individual part is important.
  • What to look for if parts are malfunctioned is what type of material is it made of.
  • Is the specific part or product ID-WATSS approved?
  • What is the quality of the part or product?

What do you look for in RO system parts?

It is important for us to established what is the requirements is for every individual part.

  • The parts are mostly made from plastic and this is in some cases a problem.
  • We working with water pressure of different pressures.
  • The question was; what is the maximum water pressure the weakest part can work on.
  • You will hear some marketers or suppliers boost about a specific part of their water systems can withstand.
  • Yes the filter housing can withstand say 100 kPa water pressure.
  • That is fine but what about the 4 way valve can it work or withstand that high pressure.
  • No it can never withstand not even halve that water pressure.
  • That is why we looked to every part of the systems optimal functioning capacity.
  • To know the maximum optimal pressure of a part is the beginning of setting up standards.

Individual parts of the RO system:

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  • Questions about domestic RO system parts and procedures:Installation questions

    RO System Parts

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