Reverse Osmosis Water Brown

Inlet Reverse osmosis water brown from water source.

Reverse Osmosis Water Brown

reverse osmosis water brown

  • If inlet water from water source is brown and dirty.
  • Mean that the water go through the reverse osmosis system without been purified.
  • No that is not true it the water went through the reverse osmosis system it would have been purified.
  • The brown in the reverse osmosis systems water is an indication for me that the rubber diaphragm had ruptured and the brown is in actual fact rust from the bottom section of the water storage tank.
  • The 4 way valve is damaged due to the high water let pressure that is more than 400 kPa or 4 bar.
  • This means that the diaphragms have a hole in and the rusted water is coming through.
  • When there is a hole in the diaphragm the water flow the route with the least resistance.
  • If the diaphragm has a hole in the water will not flow through the membrane.
  • This is what we found in nearly 30% of new clients that have reverse osmosis system.


  •  Reverse osmosis water brown from tank.

  • If the inlet water flow is not brown it means that the brown color comes from the reverse osmosis system.
  • Water from the reverse osmosis tank will be brown for that is the only part that has a steel surface.
  • If the bladder is damaged to let the purified water flow through the damaged rubber diaphragm.
  • When the tank bladder or diaphragm has a tear in the water will flow to the air side of the tank.
  • The air side of the tank is not lined with plastic but it is steel or metal that is exposed to water and air.
  • The air side of the tank is metal.
  • When water leaked to the air side of the tank.
  • The metal of the tank starts to rust and have an acid smell.
  • The rust will color the reverse osmosis water brown.
  • What cause the reverse osmosis water brown appearance?

    Reverse Osmosis Water Brown

    Reverse osmosis water brown

  • The tank bladder only tears when the air pressure is higher than 1000kPa or 1 bar.
  • If the inlet water to the reverse osmosis system is higher than 400kPa or 0.4 bars.
  • Suppliers say that there systems can on high water pressure.
  • That is true the system will work with the high pressure.
  • But for what period and then give problems.


  • How must pay now?
  • That is why we can give a three year warranty on our reverse osmosis systems that we install.
  • If you look to this photo you will notice that the top section of the tank is colored brown.
  • That is a sure sign that the rubber diaphragm was ruptured.