Reverse Osmosis Tank Lifespan


  • Reverse Osmosis Tank Lifespan can be years but like today when a client from Bronkhorstspruit phone me and ask me to come and take a look to her reverse osmosis storage tank.
  • The people who install the system inform her that the storage tank must be replaced because it is damaged.
  • He informs her that the water pressure was too high and that the high water inlet pressure has damaged the diaphragm of the storage tank.
  • Yes there was water in the lower section of the storage tank but it was not damaged.
  • He did not know how to fix the problem.
  • The easiest way is to get a new storage tank.
  • Who must pay for his incompetence?
  • The client and the incompetent person make the money.
  • It took me about 15 minutes to sort the problem out.
  • The storage tank works 100 %.

What is the Reverse Osmosis Tank Lifespan?

Reverse Osmosis Tank Lifespan

Reverse Osmosis Tank Lifespan

  • The lifespan of the reverse osmosis tank can last years.
  • There is no life time linked to a reverse osmosis systems tank.
  • A reverse osmosis system tank that last a few years less than eight years is the result of poor workmanship.
  • That is a fact.
  • If they worked according the standards that ID-WATSS have laid down the tank will last for more than fifteen years.
  • There is no reason a reverse osmosis tank must be replaced if the service people did their work correct.
  • The biggest problem with the reverse osmosis systems water tank is rust.
  • Yes the place or surface where it stands is under the sink and sometimes there is water that has been spilled.
  • This water accumulates under the tank.
  • The first signs are the paint starts to make bubbles.
  • Then the paint starts to come off.
  • The rust is already present and visible on the tanks surface.
  • We usually treated the tank with oil to prevent it from rusting any further.


What cause the reverse osmosis tank to malfunction?

4 Reasons for reverse osmosis tank failure:


  1. High inlet water pressure is the number one culprit for the reverse osmosis tank to be replaced.
  2. High air pressure inside tank. Pressure must never be higher than 80 kPa when the tank valve is open. When the tank air pressure is 100 kPa or 1 bar then the rubber diaphragm will tear or rupture. When the rubber diaphragm is damaged the tank must be replaced.
  3. Water inside the bottom section of the reverse osmosis water storage tank. This is serious rust problem.
  4. Lack of tank inspections by service people. The storage tanks air pressure must be checked every year. The way it is been done is by letting all the water out of the tank. When the tank is empty then you measure the air pressure.

What is the solution for the reverse osmosis tank problems?

Reverse Osmosis Tank Lifespan

Reverse Osmosis Tank Lifespan

  • To make use of service people who is accredited by ID-WATSS. The standards that they have set for reverse osmosis systems and any other water treatment system will prevent any replacements of expensive parts and the presence of parasites in your reverse osmosis purified water or even the filtration water. 
  • That way you will improve your health and the quality of the water that you drink.
  • If you use the reverse osmosis water you will never drink tap water again.

This is the Reverse Osmosis Tank Lifespan that we have discussed.




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