Increase RO Storage Tank Water Flow


Increase RO Storage Tank Water Flow is not that difficult. The water that flows from the faucet is sometimes just to slow. There is a way that we can increase the volume of the water that flow out the tap.

To Increase RO Storage Tank Water Flow ?

The water flow will not exceed the size of the tank out let. How to Increase Storage Tank Water Flow of the reverse osmosis system. The force of the water that is been pushed out of the tank can be increase. What is the recommended air pressure in the reverse osmosis tank? Air pressure in the bottom of reverse osmosis tank:


Inlet water pressure:                      

400 kPa                                                       

300 kPa                                                      

260 kpa                                                      

Air pressure in RO tank:

80 kpa

80 kpa

70 kpa

  • If the inlet water pressure from the house is higher than 400 kPa you must install a pressure regulator that reduces the water pressure to between 300 kPa and 400 kPa.
  • If you use the pressure regulator that is fixed with a water pressure reading of 600 kPa.
  • I will give you my word that this pressure regulator will cause you to waste water and it could cost you from R2000.00 to R3 500.00 per year on water wasted.
  • The system can handle the pressure that the weakest part of the system can handle.

Inlet water pressure to reverse osmosis system to high.

  • If the water pressure to the reverse osmosis system is higher than 400 kPa you will in the long run have more problems than you can bargain for.
  • The supplier can say anything to you how good their product is.
  • The fact is the weakest part capability is the working pressure. 
  • If the supplier make this advice off as not applicable to their systems.
  • Ask them for a three year warranty on the system the filters excluded.
  • We can do that.
  • Let them give you a warranty for five years on the filter housings that if it burst that they will replace it without any cost on your side.

What is the solution for the slow water flow from the faucet?

If the water flow out of the Reverse osmosis faucet is slow. You flow this steps to the letter:

  • Close the inlet water valve.
  • Close the reverse osmosis tank valve.
  • Open the reverse osmosis faucet let water flow out, when stop.
  • Unscrew or un-clip the pipeline at the reverse osmosis storage tank valve.
  • Put removed pipeline into a container if water flow.
  • Remove reverse osmosis tank from cupboard or location.
  • Open tank valve and let all the water flow out, hold the tank upside down when water flow out of the tank.
  • When water stop flowing.
  • Unscrew the tank air valve cap.
  • Measure the air in the tank, the tank water valve is still open.
  • The air pressure must never be more than 80kPa. If pressure is 100kPa can damage membrane of tank.
  • Hold the air valve in the lowest position and press it in for just a moment, is water coming out?
  • Water coming out, let all the water flow out and inflate the air into tank to 80kPa pressure.
  • When inflate the tank look if air comes from the tank.
  • Test the air pressure to see if it keeps its pressure.
  • Put the air valve cap back on the air valve.
  • Put back in location.
  • Screw or clip the pipeline of the RO tank back on.
  • Make sure that the tank valve is in the open position.
  • Open the inlet valve.

When the tank is full the water will flow from the faucet the way it is supposed to. If not satisfied with the water flow, use the house taps.

Ways to Increase Storage Tank Water Flow questions can be asked and it will be answered.


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