4 Reasons Reverse Osmosis Tank Failure

4 Reasons reverse osmosis tank failure is been discussed on this page.

Discuss the 4 reasons reverse osmosis tank failure is caused.

4 Reasons reverse osmosis tank failure

4 Reasons reverse osmosis tank failure Advice.

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High inlet water pressure.

The high inlet water pressure is by far the number one culprit when it comes to damaged reverse osmosis tanks. People wants to save money and buy low quality systems from outlets. Cheap buys is expensive buys. The sales person tells you that you can install the reverse osmosis system yourself. You follow the instructions to the letter. They never mention the ideal inlet water pressure to the RO system. The next moment is a damaged RO tank. Not to mention the waste water that can runs in the thousands of rands per year that you pay. You go and buy a pressure regulator, that is not approved by ID-WATSS and the next thing is burst filter housing or something else.

High air pressure inside tank.

The air pressure is critical. The service people never checked this pressure. The air pressure in the tank must never be higher than 80kPa when the tank valve is open. When the air pressure is higher than mentioned the bladder (diaphragm) can be damaged. Do not follow the YouTube video that explains how to test and inflate the RO tank. If you want to follow steps to does it follows the video clip on YouTube that Tap Water SA show. Visited how to inflate the RO tank page on this website,

Water under reverse osmosis tank.

If the surface on which the reverse osmosis tank stands is wet or moist that is a rust problem. The metal Reverse osmosis tank have a tendency to rust under the tank. With time the rust damages the tank and the air escape through the hole. The moment that occur the tank must be replaced. We advise people to apply some oil on the rust spots. When we service systems we apply oil when we see any rust on the reverse osmosis tank.

4 Reasons reverse osmosis tank failure

4 Reasons reverse osmosis tank failure

Lack of tank inspections by service people.

Service people just replace the filters and then they are on their way to the next service. They do not conduct a proper inspection on the reverse osmosis system. When we service new clients reverse osmosis systems we can tell if the system was serviced by a person how is approved by ID-WATSS. When we service a reverse osmosis system it takes us from an hour to two hours. That is a lot longer than most services that the other people do that takes only 20 minutes.


What is the solution for the 4 Reasons reverse osmosis tank failure?

  1. The high inlet water pressure can be resolved by using a water pressure regulator to bring the water pressure down to between 300 to 400 kPa.
  2. High air pressure inside tank. This can be rectify by lowering the air pressure in the tank to 80 kPa or 0.8 bar.
  3.  Water under reverse osmosis tank in the air section. this can be rectify be unscrewing the air valve and let all the water flow out of the bottom section. Put back the air valve and inflate to 0.8 bar or 80 kPa.
  4. Lack of tank inspections by service people. instruct the service people to inspect the tank pressure and let them give some feedback. ask them questions about the tank.

The best you can do is to get an accredited ID-WATSS person who can service your Reverse osmosis system. That way you will improve your health and the quality of the water that you drink. If you use the reverse osmosis water you will never drink tap water again.




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