Testing RO Membrane Flow

Testing RO Membrane Flow

Testing RO membrane flow information.


Testing RO membrane flow must be done to establish if the system is still working well.

Testing RO membrane flow:

  • The testing of the reverse osmosis systems membrane water purification flow rate is a test that the service providers neglect.
  • Most of them never test the membrane purified water flow rate to see if it works.
  • The testing must be done after the filters were replaced and we talk about high quality water filters.
  • Not this cheap low to any quality water filters that’s been installed and sold at every Tom, Dick and Harry.
  • You first have to flush the membrane by taking off the flow restrictor valve.
  • It is the small round object that is on the waste water line.
  • This flow restrictor valve restricts the water flow from the membrane housing.
  • It actually in a sense blocks the water flow to cause a water pressure build-up inside the housing.
  • This build-up pressure forces the water through the membrane layers.
  • The water that’s been forced through the membrane layers is the reverse osmosis purified water.


Back to the removed flow restricted. Open the faucet to let the water flow out that in turns activated the water flow through the system. Open the house inlet water valve to the reverse osmosis system. Sometimes the water will not flow out from the flow restrictor line if the faucet is not open. You will see the water flow with a force out through the pipe line. Let about 5 litres of water flow through. Close the house inlet valve to stop the water flow.


Testing RO membrane flow procedures:

Testing RO Membrane Flow

Testing RO membrane flow contact informtaion

Connect all the pipe lines to their places. Now open the house inlet valve to let the water flow through the system. The tank valve must be in the close position. Open the faucet and let the water flow out. Wait about 10 minutes. If the water flow one stream for 30 mm then it is an indication that the membrane is correct. Measure the water for one minute. Let me know.



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