RO Membrane Replacement

The RO membrane replacement is the removal of the old membrane and the correct installation of the membrane into the membrane housing. Open the RO membrane housing by unscrewing the lid of the membrane housing. When the membrane screw cup is been taken off. You will see the old membrane in the housing. To get it out you need a long nose pier to grip it. Before you pull the membrane out you turn the membrane centre to the left and the right. Now you give it a slide put. If it do not come out turn the centre of the membrane until it comes out. Clean the membrane housing with hot water and soap with some Dettol in to kill any bacteria and parasites.
Take the new membrane out of its packet. Apply some petroleum oil on the seals of the membrane. The two small rubber seals must be lubricated properly. If it is not properly lubricated it will stuck onto the housing and when you want to take it out it will break. That is a mission to get it out once it have break off inside.
Apply some petroleum oil to the housing lid seal and screw the cup onto the membrane housing. Tightened it.

The RO Membrane Replacement is the Removal of the Old Membrane and the Correct Installation of the Membrane into the Membrane Housing.

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RO Membrane Replacement

RO Membrane Replacement. Wrong Installation.

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