RO Membrane Questions

RO Membrane Questions

RO Membrane housing

This section is all about Questions and information regarding RO membrane questions that our clients have regarding the reverse osmosis systems. What can I do to protect the membrane of my reverse osmosis system? To start with is that you only use high quality products in the system. That includes the filters that have been replaced every year. The filter that’s been replaced every year is of the most important factor when it comes to the membrane lifespan.

The RO membrane is the heart of the system and it must be looked after to ensure that it works properly. The moment this part is not working to its optimal capacity then it will cause a few problems. The RO Membrane is not the only important part in the reverse osmosis system. Every part, big or small play an important role if one fails all the other parts functioning will be affected. It would have a domino effect. The result will be massive water wastage that you would most of the time not be aware of. The second is the parasites and live organisms that you would have in your drinking water.

Don’t worry you wouldn’t know it until it is too late.

RO membrane Questions answered:

RO Membrane Questions

RO membrane Questions Answered

Are there any standards for the reverse osmosis membrane?


Yes there is. ID-WATSS have set up standards for every part of the domestic reverse osmosis system. They do not publish it on their website. It is only for the technicians that are accredited through ID-WATSS that have the newest standards. There is a vast amount of reverse osmosis systems on the market from good quality to the lowest quality that you can get. The only difference is the price that the service people buy it on for. They would charge you the same as the people would charge you for high quality products. They and you do not know the difference of a high or low quality product.


Will I know if I have a high quality or low quality reverse osmosis membrane?

RO Membrane Questions

RO Membrane

No you will not know. ID-WATSS accredited technicians can tell you when they did a test on your reverse osmosis system. They must only use the tested approved high quality products and membranes.


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