Reverse Osmosis Membrane Lifespan

The reverse osmosis membrane lifespan is in our view more than 10 years. The problem is that the water filter that’s been used in the reverse osmosis systems is of a very low quality. The service people go for the cheapest filters. That cost you the replacement of the membrane long before its lifespan is expired.

What is the reverse osmosis membrane lifespan?

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Lifespan

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Lifespan advice

It all depends on a few factors that play a vital role in the reverse osmosis membrane lifespan.

The lifespan can be anything from a year to ten to sixteen years.

  • The quality of the municipal water.
  • The filters that is before the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Faulty parts the cause water to flow excessively.
  • Not flashing the membrane when service is been done.
  • Low grade reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Blocked reverse osmosis waste pipeline.
  • Tampering of people who know nothing about the reverse osmosis system.

What is the difference of a 50 Gpd and an 80 Gpd or the 100 Gpd membranes?

What the 50 and 100 state is the amount of water that the reverse osmosis membrane can purify per day. We in South Africa measure in litres and not in pints and gallons. The 100 Gpd waste the same amount of water as the 50 Gpd reverse osmosis membrane. The only difference is the price. You can be sure that if a service provider replaces a RO membrane they will use a 50 Gpd membrane.

What name brand reverse osmosis membrane do you advise us to use?

We only use the ID-WATSS approved reverse osmosis membranes. We cannot mention the names of the brands that have been approved. We do not sell it over the counter. We must install the membranes ourselves as stipulated by ID-WATSS. The reason for that is to ensure that the reverse osmosis system is inspected and all information is then logged. It is of no use to sell products over the counter and the reverse osmosis system is faulty. A faulty reverse osmosis system can waste between R2 000.00 and R3 500.00 of water a year.

What must I do to raise a question regarding reverse osmosis membrane lifespan?

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Lifespan

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Lifespan

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