Reverse Osmosis Membrane Important

  • Yes, the reverse osmosis membrane is important.
  • The reverse osmosis membrane is the heart of the system.
  • The filters are the water cleaners of the system.
  • They must remove all the solids and some chemicals.
  • It is important to get clean water at the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • The 4 way valve is the device that cut the inlet water flow to the reverse osmosis membrane off.
  • When the 4 way valve or as some call it the automatic cut-off vale work correct there will not flow any water when the pressure in the top section of the reverse osmosis system.
  • That is when it has reached its pressure.
  • The pressure regulator is the device that keeps the inlet water pressure to the reverse osmosis system at a certain pressure and every part play its part in the optimal functioning of the whole system.
  • If one part is not functioning correct, the system will function as that faulty part.
  • That is why we are so serious about the correct functioning of the system.
  • If it is not working 100% then I can assure you that there will be worms in your purified water from the system.
  • What shall we say?
  • Purified “wormsies”!

Why is the Reverse Osmosis Membrane important?

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Important

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Important

  • The reverse osmosis membrane is that part in the reverse osmosis system that does the final purification of the water.
  • The reverse osmosis membrane is 0.0002 micron.
  • That will prevent parasites and bacteria to go through in the purified water.
  • I do not know about viruses.
  • The people in the industry say that viruses can’t go through.
  • I will not say that, I want proof from an independent laboratory.

Are all the reverse osmosis membranes the same?

  • No, we have test some of them and we just use the reverse osmosis membrane that we have approved.
  • There are some of the reverse osmosis membranes that are of high quality material and others that are not worth mentioning.
  • The water wastage of the different reverse osmosis membranes pays a big role.
  • Some waste excessive and others is as, I can say environment friendly.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Important

Reverse Osmosis Membrane important information


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