Replaced Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Replaced Reverse Osmosis Membrane

replaced reverse osmosis membrane information

  • Yes, in the industry it is anything from three to six years.
  • You have replaced the reverse osmosis membrane a few years ago and now again.
  • That is the problem with people that do not know the reverse osmosis system and the way it works.
  • They use the cheapest, low quality product on the market that they can get.
  • That is the price you have to pay for this poor service delivery from the service people.
  • You pay for their mistakes and training and greed.
  • If a new membrane was really required then it could be that they provide you with a low quality membrane.
  • I have a big question mark on the standard of the workmanship of your service providers.
  • There is a few things that play a very important role in the functioning and lifespan if the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Please before you let any person replace a membrane give us a call.
  • We want to know why they want to replace the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • What did they do to test the reverse osmosis membranes function?
  • Did they flush it out?
  • Did they flush the membrane during every service?
  • If the answer is no then maybe they can replace the reverse osmosis membrane on their account.


They have replaced reverse osmosis membrane.

  • The question that a person can ask yourself is the following:
  • What is the quality of the reverse osmosis membrane that they replaced?
  • What brand did they use?
  • What are the litres that it will give me a day?
  • How long will the reverse osmosis membrane last?
  • What type of pre filters do they use in front of the reverse osmosis membrane?
  • Did the person know how to install the reverse osmosis membrane correctly?
  • Is the technician accredited at ID-WATSS?
  • Can they give me any warranty on the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane?
  • Why can’t they give me a warranty?
  • If the membrane is not a 100 Gpd then you can tell them to go and leave the system as it is.
  • Any membrane lower than a 100Gpd is not worth having in your system.

Replaced Reverse Osmosis Membrane

replaced reverse osmosis membrane Information


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