Flushing RO Membrane

Flushing RO Membrane

The flow restrictor in the waste pipeline.

To flush the membrane of a reverse osmosis system is very important. The more you flushing membrane the longer it will last. The service people are supposed to flush the reverse osmosis membrane when they service the reverse osmosis system.  That is one place where they slip up. If they neglect to flush the membrane the quicker the can sell the next membrane to you.

What is important to look to?

  • The three filters that is before the membrane. Is it ID-WATSS approved?  We will know.
  • Waste water that run 24/7/365.
  • Low inlet water pressure.
  • High inlet water pressure.

Steps to Flushing RO Membrane.

Flushing RO Membrane

Flushing membrane contact information.

  • Loosen the waste pipeline where it goes into the flow restrictor valve.
  •  The flow restrictor must be disconnected from the system.
  • Have a bucket ready that can hold 5 litre.
  • Put the RO waste pipeline into the bucket
  • Open the faucet that will release the pressure in the top section of the reverse osmosis system and let the water flow.
  • If there is about 4 litre in the bucket close the faucet.
  • When the water stop flowing from the waste pipeline put it back to the flow restrictor valve.
  • If the waste water do not stop flowing just bend the waste water pipe to prevent the water from flowing out and put it in its place.
  • That is how you flush the reverse osmosis systems membrane.

What is the reason to flushing membrane?

It is just to force the sludge that is between the layers of the membrane out. This sludge starts to build up and before long it clog the membrane. That is the best time the service people can sell you a new membrane and make a nice profit.

 What is the solution to the membrane flushing?

If you are in South Africa it is advice to use only ID-WATSS approved technicians to service or supply a reverse osmosis system to you. They use special filters that will protect your membrane and it would last for years. They use the best products that were tested by ID-WATSS.  That way you will improve your health and the quality of the water that you drink. If you use the reverse osmosis water you will never drink tap water again.