What is the Recommended RO Inlet Water Pressure?

  • Recommended domestic water pressure for RO system as follow:
  • GWTA technicians have the information.
  • Sales people state RO system parts can withstand 1000 kPa or 10 bar water pressure.
  • True to the statement.
  • No every part in the system can withstand even 600 kPa or 6 bar water pressure.
  • Weakest part cannot even withstand 500 kPa or 5 bar.
  • Never work on the highest pressure that any part can function at.
  • Get the ideal tested working pressure for the weakest part of domestic reverse osmosis systems.

What is the weakest part and the Recommended RO Inlet Water Pressure for the correct functioning?

  • Auto shut off-valve or the 4 way valve is the weakest part in the reverse osmosis system.
  • 4 way valves ideal working pressure is between 300 kPa and 400 kPa.
  • Ideal working water pressure for this part is an inlet water pressure to the system must be between 300 and 400 kPa.
  • Our recommended reverse osmosis  system water pressure was tested and established to be the best protection.

 RO System inlet water pressure is too low:

  • If domestic water pressure is to low the 4 way valve will not have enough water pressure to shut off.
  • Waste water will run for 24/7/365.
  • Waste thousands of rands per year.

 RO System inlet water pressure is too high:

  • Domestic water pressure too high it damage the membranes in the 4 way valve.
  • Water supply will not been shut off.
  • Waste water runs all day.
  • Waste water will flow 24/7/365 without stop.
  • Cost you thousands of rands per year.

Have a 600 kPa or 6 bar water pressure regulator installed on the reverse osmosis system.

  • A is a sure disaster in waiting to happen.
  • We found numerous 600 kPa water pressure regulators made from plastic that’s been installed.
  • Over time the domestic reverse osmosis systems 4 ways valve will get damaged due to the high water pressure.
  • the damaging of the 4 way valve will cause the waste water to flow 24 hours a day.
  • You will not even notice that system waste water flow all the time.
  • ID-WATSS set quality standards for domestic reverse osmosis systems correct functioning.

The solution for domestic water pressure problem?

  • Use only an accredited GWTA reverse osmosis system supplier.
  • Get hold of an accredited GWTA technician to help you with the problem.
  • Even contact us.
  • you will improve your health
  • The quality of the water that you drink.
  • If you are used to reverse osmosis water you will never drink tap water.
  • The Recommended Inlet Water Pressure is of the Utmost Importance for the Correct Functioning and Protection of All the Components of the System.
Recommended RO Inlet Water Pressure
Recommended RO Inlet Water Pressure
Recommended RO Inlet Water Pressure
Recommended RO Inlet Water Pressure
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