Reverse Osmosis System with Pump

 Reverse Osmosis System with Pump

Domestic 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Pump

  • In a nut shell it is a reverse osmosis system that is fitted with an electrical booster pump to increase the water pressure for the reverse osmosis system to functioning correct.
  • Is a plain domestic, 5 stage reverse osmosis system with an electrical booster pump?
  • Use the system with the electrical pump when the inlet water pressure is too low.
  • Where the inlet water pressure for the system is below 280 kPa or 2.8 bar.
  • The reverse osmosis system with the electric booster pump is ideal for farms where water is been store inside tanks.
  • The water that is in water storage tanks is about 6 meters from the ground.
  • If the water storage tank is 6 meters from the ground then the water pressure is about 6 kPa or .6 bar.
  • 6 kPa is like using gravity water feed and with this type of pressure we need to use the electrical booster pump.
  • The reverse osmosis system needs from 300 kPa to 400 kPa to work correct.
  • We advise people who make use of borehole water to always use the UV light for protection against harmful organisms.

What is the water Inlet pressure requires for a reverse osmosis system with pump?

  • If the water inlet pressure under 300 kPa
  • Gravity feed like water from a dam or storage tank.
  • Contaminated borehole water that must be purified for humans to consume.
  • UV light important with contaminated water for the mere fact that the UV light kills all organisms.
  • Water softener unit must be installed if the water is brackish.
  • The reverse osmosis system will not work correct if the water is brackish.
  • The membrane will clog up and the system will stop purifying water.

Our inlet water pressure is 400 kPa.

 Reverse Osmosis System with Pump

reverse osmosis system with pump

  • You can use the standard 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • No electrical pump required when the water inlet pressure is above 280 kPa or 300 kPa.
  • It is the best option to use the UV light if the water source is unsafe or contaminated.
  • Ideal inlet water pressure for the optimal working for the reverse osmosis system is between 300 kPa and 400 kPa.



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