TDS water test

TDS RO water test

TDS Meter

  • Use TDS  water test to market reverse osmosis systems.
  • TDS  water test show nothing of any value.
  • TDS test can’t identify any material.
  • TDS test reading isn’t correct.
  • TDS test show dissolved salts in water sample.
  • Doesn’t show harmful chemicals.
  • Doesn’t show parasites.
  • Doesn’t show bacteria or viruses.
  • Do not use TDS water testing device.
  • TDS testing is misleading.
  • TDS give just reading worth nothing.
  • This is also a device that will help the marketer to mislead the client.
  •  Show them the door when they show you the TDS meter.

Is TDS testing reliable?

TDS water test

TDS water test information

  • The test means nothing.
  • Like whistle for the man on the moon.
  • It is a gimmick and a waste of time.
  • They insult your integrity and try to rob you with information that is misleading.
  •  Marketers make the testing with the TDS tester a big thing to sell reverse osmosis systems.
  • People believe the statements made by this sales people.
  • Business owner has only one thing in mind and that is sales.
  • Sales people have only one thing in mind, to get you believing there statements.
  • That means sales.
  • Is it the truth and honest? NO.
  • The marketer goes out and tells you all the information.
  •  Information the business owner told him as if it is the truth.
  • Well it is not.

What can I do with TDS Test sales people?

  • Show them your door for it is a waste of time.
  • Business spent thousands on advertising their products, using any method.
  •  Your participation plays a very important role.
  •  Just tell 10 of your friends about this scam.
  • Ask them to tell at least 5 of their friend.
  •  Will be amazed how fast the word will travel.
  • Before you know the dishonest business is out of business.
  • Name and same the fraudster businesses.
  •  That will save the consumer millions.
  • Be your brother’s keeper and expose the dishonest people by one.

What is the TDS testing solution?

  • Best you can do is to get an ID-WATSS approved reverse osmosis system.
  • Improve your health.
  •  Quality of your drinking water.
  • Once used to reverse osmosis water you will never council tap water again.

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