RO Precipitator Fraudulent Device

RO Precipitator Fraudulent Device

Precipitator fraudulent device


  • The Precipitator fraudulent device is a device that the businesses that supply reverse osmosis systems give to the people who do marketing for them.
  • It is a device that have four metal rods through which an electric current is been flowing.
  • They put it in two glasses of water.
  • Two rods per glass.

What is the reason for using the RO Precipitator Fraudulent Device?

  • The reason for the use of the precipitator fraudulent device is to deceive people that trust other people.
  • The two glasses is been filled with water, one with tap water and the other one with reverse osmosis or distilled water.
  • They switch the electric current on and the water in the one glass starts to turn dirty.
  • The other glass (reverse osmosis) stays clean.
  • What does the marketer say?
  • See that is what you cannot see with the naked eye what’s in the water.
  • The sale is been made! Another sucker is been caught by not knowing that this is a SCAM!!!.
  • By the use of this wonderful precipitator.

How do the RO Precipitator Fraudulent Device works?

Glass one:

  • This glass is filled with reverse osmosis water.
  • The water has no minerals in and the water is just H2O.
  • Water of this quality cannot conduct electricity.
  • No electric current will ever flow in this water.

Glass two:

  • This glass is tap water.
  • Have minerals and chemicals in.
  • This quality of water will always conduct electricity.
  • If there is electricity in the water it will shock you.


  • The tap water conducts the electricity.
  • The electricity flow between the two rods.
  • There is a current.
  • You will feel the water is hotter than the other glass.
  • With the electricity that flow through the two rods the RODS CORRODE.
  • It is not the water that’s dirty, it’s the rods that corrode and let the water appear dirty.
RO Precipitator Fraudulent Device

RO Precipitator Fraudulent Device

Is the RO Precipitator Fraudulent Device to test water?

  • No. The precipitator has nothing to do with water quality at all.
  • It is illegal to use the precipitator in the USA to market reverse osmosis systems.
  • Why?
  • Because it is based on fraud!


  • Do you want to do business with a business that does this type of practices?
  • They would steel your money with this practice and you think that they are honest and have your health at heart.
  • They do not care about you.
  • Why do I get this photos from there systems?