Fraudulent Precipitator device

Fraudulent Precipitator device

Fraudulent Precipitator device that’s been used to mislead clients in to buying a water purification system.

The precipitator is a device that is been use in the marketing of reverse osmosis systems. The precipitator is not a test or any device that have any use other than to deceive people in believing that the dirt that they see in tap water after the device is been switch on. The core of the use of this device is DECEIVING innocent people.

Does the Fraudulent Precipitator device not show you the dirt in the water?

The precipitator does not show the dirt in the water. What it shows is that the tap water conduct electricity and that’s all. It cannot indicate what minerals, chemicals or any material is present in the water. The dirt that you see in the water is the corrosion that took place on the rods from the device. Every time when the marketer do a demonstration. They clean the rods with sandpaper. That is to prevent the client from getting suspicious.

Can I trust the use of the Fraudulent Precipitator device?

If you trust the demonstration that’s been done. The test, by using the precipitator to show the unseen dirt in the water. YOU CAN THEN RATHER TRUST THE DEVIL. A thief takes something from you and turns his back towards you. Not to look you in the eyes. These people take your money, a lot and look you in the eyes. The one who don’t look you in the eyes are a better person than one that take your money and pretend that it is right.

In the photo you will see the color difference between the new and the used rods.

 I feel that this is an injustice been done. How can they sleep with a conscious like that? This is Fraud!

Fraudulent Precipitator device

Fraudulent Precipitator devices, the top one been used see the corrosion that took place .


Questions about the Precipitator.

Fraudulent Precipitator device

Fraudulent Precipitator device

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