RO Counter Top Water System

RO Counter Top Water System

Counter Top Water System

(Money Waster )

It is a reverse osmosis system that is compact and has a small storage tank that must still be placed somewhere. The normal counter top water system is also popular and the price is not that high. that is a small price that you pay now for a big price for your health later on. This system is not ID-WATSS approved. The reason the filters are not efficient to prevent solids or parasites to enter the membrane housing. You must remember that the membrane housing where the membrane is located is the most important part of the system. If the filters before the membrane are not of high quality then the membrane is not really effective. If any part in the system fail then the system will be as good as the filters is that’s before the membrane.

Would you recommend the RO Counter Top Water System?

No. We see this product as a waste of money. Get an approved ID-WATSS  5 stage reverse osmosis system and have peace of mind. ID-WATSS standards is high and the products that they approved is the best available on the market. If you are serious about your health, then we advice you to get a 5 stage reverse osmosis system for peace of mind. It is worth it.

What is the solution to water purification problems?

The best you can do is to get an ID-WATSS approved 5 stage reverse osmosis system. That way you will improve your health and the quality of the water that you drink. If you use the reverse osmosis water you will never drink tap water again.

We supply, install and service reverse osmosis systems. Our systems have a three years warranty. Filters is excluded.


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