RO Bio Ceramic Balls

RO Bio Ceramic Balls

Bio ceramic balls information

  • The RO bio ceramic balls do not help with water treatment.
  • This product is a money waster.
  • All it does is to waste your money.
  • There is not any health benefit in the use of it.
  • Looks impressive and to value.
  • That’s all its worth. To look at.


Is there any proof that RO Bio Ceramic Balls have health benefits?

RO Bio Ceramic Balls

Bio ceramic balls photo

  • No indented laboratory tests are available to proof any health benefits.
  • It’s been manufactured in china.
  • They only want your money.
  • They will sell anything and use any method to sell their stuff.
  • You can take gravel and put it in your RO water filter housings.
  • Now you have a mineral replacement filter.
  • Do you really think it is worth anything?
  • That is what the china do, take gravel and put it in filters.
  • Then tell people that it puts minerals back into the water.
  • You do not know what is in that filters.
  • This stuff can be of harm for your health.

Points of ceramic water filters.

RO Bio Ceramic Balls

Bio ceramic balls solid filter information

  • The water filter where the water flows through is a good product.
  • Not suitable for RO systems.
  • Free flowing water systems are suitable to use ceramic with.
  • Dirt in water tends to clogs the filter.
  •  Expensive and breaks easy.


 Misleading information about the bio ceramic water filtration products.

  • No health benefits.
  • Waste of money.
  • Made in china. Money value for them.
  • No name brands.
  • No independent medical tests reports.
  • Information available is marketing material.


What would you advise me regarding RO Bio Ceramic Balls and products?

  • Don’t use this products.
  • The RO Bio Ceramic Balls have no health or other value at all.
  • Fake product is what create wealth to the dishonest businesses.
  • There is absolute no proof to support their statements that they make.
  • Stay away from bio ceramic balls it is the biggest rubbish.