RO Money Wasters

Products that add no value to your health:

  •  Any product that is not ID-WATSS approved.
  • Wonderful product for your health with no lab reports to proof the statements.
  • Mineral replacement water filters that is worthless.
  • Infra-red light water filter that is the biggest lie about a product.
  • Any health related information any salesperson give you.
  • They focus on your emotions and what you want to hear.
  • Fake products is money wasters and create wealth to the dishonest businesses.
  • See marketing section.

Can you name RO Money Wasters?

RO Money Wasters

RO System money wasters

  • Reverse osmosis mineral replacement water filter.
  • Additional water filters that adds to the 5 stage RO system.
  • Poor workmanship.
  • Low quality domestic reverse osmosis systems
  • Low quality domestic reverse osmosis water filters.
  • No ID-WATSS accreditation.
  • No ID-WATSS approved products.



Name the biggest money wasters:

  • Low quality products and parts.
  • Poor workmanship.
  • Cheap products for higher prices.
  • Fake products under the name mineral replacement filters.
RO Money Wasters

RO Money Wasters

What money wasters amount do we talk about?

  • From R2 000.00 per year.
  • To R3 500.00 per year.
  • You wouldn’t even know that you pay for something worthless.
  • money wasters could be prevented if you contact us or even just ask us about any product.
  • Burst revers osmosis water filter housing.
  • There is no standards on any product about the quality of water treatment product.
  • Do not do any business with this dishonest people that work for businesses that tell them how to opperate.
  • Poor workmanship is a big problem in this industry.
  • High inlet water pressure that could damaged your systems sensitive parts.
  • Wrong pressure regulator that couldn’t handle the high water pressure.

Steps to take with reverse osmosis systems money wasters:

  • You know where to get help.
  • What did you buy?
  • Act now and do the right thing.
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Question about the reverse osmosis money wasters.



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