RO Mineral Replacement Filters

RO Mineral Replacement Filters

Mineral Replacement Filters housing photo


  • This RO Mineral Replacement Filters is very impressive.
  • It is a see through filter housing.
  • To be honest they caught me with this mineral replacement filter long before I start with this business.
  • Yes they caught me and I fall for the misleading.
  • What the problem is:
  • I hate lairs and cheaters.
  • Then we do business with people that have no moral values.
  • They lie and mislead people left right and center.   
  • We believe to easy and take the sales people at their word.

RO Mineral Replacement Filters (Fake)

What is mineral replacement filters?

  • The mineral replacement filters is market by the water purifying industry as this wonderful product that replace minerals that’s been removed by the reverse osmosis process.
  • People how are concern about their health is candidates to fall for this wonderful mineral replacement filter.
  • Yes, you are concern about your health and know how important minerals are for good health.
  • The problem is that this mineral that they are talking about is rock minerals and our bodies cant absorbed it.
  • The trees can absorb it because they have roots and we not. We get our minerals from the fruit and vegetables that we eat. Not from the water.

But is minerals important for good health?

  • Yes.
  • If you want minerals from your water get mineral supplements from the pharmacy and throw it in your water.
  • The pharmacist is trained in the field of health.
  • This crook that wants to tell you that the mineral replacement filters replace minerals is not trained in health.
  • The best source of minerals is available at the nearest pharmacy.
  • He just wants to make an extra bug by telling you this nonsense.
  • If you want to see more about the fake products that they sell in the water industry visit the marketing section in this website.
  • Please tell your friends about this website.

RO Mineral Replacement Filters

RO Mineral Replacement Filters


What is the use of the reverse osmosis system then?

  • Not to get ripped off as most of the sales people do.
  • The reverse osmosis system is the best water purifying system in my view.
  • There are just a few important factors that must be kept in mind.

Factors like:

  • Parasites in the water even purified RO water.
  • Roundworms in the tap water and in the reverse osmosis system.
  • Removal of bacteria and Amoeba’s from the water.
  • Removal of chemicals.
  • Removal of pesticides.
  • Removal of chlorine.

Do you say that the mineral replacement filters is fake?

  • Yes.
  • A hundred times.
  • This is the biggest fake product on the water industry.
  • The photo with the parts been expose on this page comes from my reverse osmosis system that I bought long before I got involved with reverse osmosis systems.
  • One day I decided to service my reverse osmosis system myself.
  • I looked at this mineral replacement filter that was with the reverse osmosis system.
  • The lady at that time told me that this filter have minerals in and that it replace the minerals that’s been removed by the reverse osmosis process.
  • Big was my surprise when I open the filter and find four glass tubes inside filled with sand?
  • The glass tube was sealed at both ends and no water could ever get into contact with the sand to replace the minerals as the lady has said.

Is there any information about the mineral replacement filters?

  • Yes there is.
  • It is all marketing information.
  • Information to promote the selling of the mineral replacement filters.
  • There is no datasheet of any kind for the mineral replacement filters.
  • Their problem is the material that is in the mineral replacement filter comes from China, Japan or Indonesia.
  • They feel nothing about your health they only care about your money.
  • What is there is radioactive material or some chemical in that mineral replacement filters.
  • Any person how use the mineral replacement filter on their reverse osmosis system is playing with fire.
  • You will never be able to say that you were never warned by Tap Water SA.