RO Mineral Energy Stone Filter


RO Mineral Energy Stone Filter is another fake product. Please stay away from this type of products.

Is the RO Mineral Energy Stone Filter effective at replacing minerals back into the water?

No the mineral energy stone filter is a fake product, the only purpose is to generate money for the supplier. Nothing for you. Ask them for any datasheet or independent laboratory report.

  1. The information on the filter states:
  2. Natural Mineral Stone makes water taste good!
  3. Natural mineral Stone from “Volcanic health stone”-SIO- N+b(P 0.01)
  4. Natural Energy
  5. Solute theory: base SIO+ and combination to Kal, Si 2, O 8, Na ALSi 3 0 3, Ca Al 2 Si 08, MgAl 2, Si2, 08, FeAl 2 Si 08…in which Na.Ca.Mg.Fe bond into a non-organic ion exchange.
  6. NSF
  7. FDA&EPA Standard
  8. SGS

Filter Information Discussion:

  1. This is the information as it is on the filter housing. This filter was removed from a reverse osmosis system that we serviced.I explained to the client that this filter is a fake.
  2.  How say that natural stone makes water taste good? Is there any proof for this statement? NO! It is just a nice marketing slogan.
  3. How want to get volcanic material in there system? You do not know what is in the material. This is a dangerous practise. Why not go to a shopping mall and pick-up all the cigarette buts and eat that. There is also a mineral in that was heated. No person in their right mind will do that.
  4. Natural Energy. Marketing junk and the people believe it. Is there any proof for this statement? NO! It is just to sell this product and how pay for that? You the client. THINK ID-WATSS!
  5. All this chemical formulas looks impressive. JUNK!    Bond into a non-organic ion exchange. I am speechless!
  6. NSF.  The filter has the NSF seal on. What does it mean? It means nothing! This filter was manufactured in china or one of those countries. They will take anything and sell it for a profit and tell you that there product will give you eternal live. Yes, and will you believe it? Yes. It states it on the product.
  7. FDA&EPA Standard. Show me that standard. Put it on paper.
  8. SGS. The SGS seal is on the filter housing. What is that for? Just marketing junk. Looks impressive.
  9. ACTIVATED CARBON  HQ CLEANTEC M.J. What the…..? The closing marketing junk. Now the client is done and out. Pay that’s all you must do. For what?
  10. The Water Quality Association member seal. What is that worth?

Advice RO Mineral Energy Stone Filter:

Tell the person to take their stuff and get out  through the door and quick. They are there to rob you. They will look you in the eyes and take as much money from you as they can. They do not care about you for one moment. They care about your money. Thieves!


RO Mineral Energy Stone Filter

Mineral Energy Stone Filter

This is photos of the fake Mineral Energy Stone Filter

RO Mineral Energy Stone Filter

Mineral Energy Stone Filter

As you can see the fake Mineral Energy Stone Filter use the Water Quality Association member seal. It is to impress you to make you think that this it.


What is the solution for the problem?

The best you can do is to get service people who is accredited by ID-WATSS. That way you will improve your health and the quality of the water that you drink. If you use the reverse osmosis water you will never drink tap water again.



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