RO Life Energy Filter


RO Life Energy Filter is one of those products that are impressive but nothing more. It is a fake and worthless product. Please stay away from these types of products.

Is the RO Life Energy Filter good for my health?

  • No! it is not for it is a fake product.
  • The life energy filter housing state in big green words “CERAMIC “and “BIO”.
  • That’s all, nothing more.
  • Why would you make this statement?
  • They given you enough information to let you think that it is a health benefit product.
  • Think and you will find the misleading that they want you to believe.
  • Anything that you assume about the product is not true.
  •  Information the sales person provide you with is to sell the product.
  • This filter is as fake as can be!

Let's look to the product:

  • There is no manufacturers name on the filter housing.
  • There is no contact number on the label.
  • There is no mention of the origin of the product.
  • Question: If you want to know about the lab reports where who would you contact.
  • If you want to sue them where would you start?
  • Would you take this product for what it state?
  • Don't you think it is strange that a manufacturer wouldn't put their name on a product that they manufacture?

What is this “Ceramic “that they mentioned?

  • That’s small round ceramic balls that are in the filter.
  • Google “ceramic” and you will find that it is a good filter medium.
  • Only if the water flow through the ceramic.
  • Water does not flow through the ceramic balls but around it.
  • They can put anything in the filter.
  • It is of no value. Just marketing practices.
  • It is to persuade you to give your hard earned money to them.

What can I do with the Life energy filter?

  • The best place is the dust bin.
  • Tell your friends about this crooked business that sells this rubbish.
  • Tell any person you talk to about this dishonest business.
  • Name and shame them to your friends.
  • Your friends believe you and will tell their friends.
  • That way we will get rid of this dishonest businesses and people.
  • RO Life Energy Filter, worthless fake product that have no health benefits. A real money waster the same as all the other mineral replacement filters.

RO Life Energy Filter

Life Energy Filter

RO Life Energy Filter

Life Energy Filter



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