RO Marketing Practices

RO Marketing Practices

Precipitator. Fraudulant device that’s been used to mislead clients.

  • Methods sales people used to market the RO systems.
  • Devices used are misleading devices in deceiving innocent people to buy the water treatment system.
  • Sales are the marketer’s main objective and they do not care anything about the client.
  • They only want the sale for a business or supplier that sells water treatment systems.
  • Would you mislead and lie to a person that will trust you and take you on your word?
  • Then why would you buy or da any business with this type of people and businesses.
  • Health care issues are not on the marketers minds.
  • We want to get informed clients that are prepared against this type of misleading sales people.
  • Visit other pages on this website for information.
  • We bring the facts and information to you as it is.
  • The truth, honesty, fairness and the health of our clients is our motivation.
  • Your health is our wealth!
  • Please tell all your friends about Tap Water SA.
  • Spread the word and let us teach people not to believe everything salespeople tell them.


What are you going to talk about in RO marketing practices?

RO Marketing Practices

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We discuss the following:

Use of precipitator.

  • The use of the precipitator is only to deceive clients.
  • They say that if the client does not know how the device works it is the clients fault.
  • If the client does not have the correct info about the device it is not the marketer’s problem.
  • The client believes what the marketer show them and that is all that counts.
  • I see them as thieves and liars that is more like parasites.


TDS RO water testing.

  • The marketer take out there next device that count the TDS of the water.
  • This TDS is the Total Dissolved Salts in the water.
  • This test tells you nothing just that there is some dissolved salts still present in the water sample.
  • It does not indicate what type of minerals is present in the water.
  • This is also a worthless test, just to impress clients with the high reading.


Ways to proof the sales person wrong.

  •  Any of the two devices, if marketer presents their water sample.
  • Tel them that you just want to first put a small teaspoon tip of table salt into their water.
  • Salt solution is been used in drips in hospitals.
  • Stir the water that the salt dissolves.
  • Let the marketer now test his water and ask him why is it that the test shows that the water is contaminated.
  • Salt is clean and not harmful.
  • Show them the door!


Is this RO marketing practise acceptable?

  • No. Tap Water SA does not approve these marketing practices.
  • We say that the use of these devices is fraud and misleading.
  • It proofs nothing but fake marketing practices.
  • We only working according to standards that ID-WATSS laid down for domestic water treatment systems.
  • Certain reverse osmosis system is a product that ID-WATSS have investigated and studied thoroughly.
  • There are just a few brands of reverse osmosis systems that have been approved.

Any questions about RO marketing practises?

  • If you have any questions about anything regarding water treatment systems feel free to ask.
  • Every question is important.


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