RO Marketing Gimmicks


  • We want to inform you about the RO Marketing Gimmicks that sales and marketing people used when they market the reverse osmosis systems.
  • They mislead people into buying the system.
  • Dishonest practices is conducted.

Reverse osmosis marketing gimmicks?

  • That is what the marketers, that market the reverse osmosis systems use to get the sale.
  • This method is not honest and is sometimes fraud.
  • The way they use the devices and the words that they use is wrong and misleading.
  • We at Tap Water SA do not use these methods for we do not want to do business in a dishonest way.
  • They use a device called the precipitator.
  • This device has four metal rods that conduct electricity between the two rods.

What is the precipitator?

How do the precipitator work?

  • It is an electrical device that has four metal rods.
  • The rods work in pairs, the two rods on the one side is in a glass of tap water and the other two rods in a glass of reverse osmosis water.
  • Let’s discuss the two types of water.
    • The tap water has minerals and chemicals in and will conduct electricity.
    • The electric current will flow between the two metal rods.
    • The electric current will cause the metal rods to corrode and let the water appear dirty.

Reverse Osmosis water content.

  • The reverse osmosis water have nothing in.
  • The reverse osmosis water will not conduct any electric current.
  • There is no electric current between the two metal rods and that will do nothing to the color of the water.


  • That the reverse osmosis water is so clean that it do not even conduct electricity.
  • The tap water conducts electricity. It does not mean that the water is dirty or unhealthy.
  • This device has nothing to do to identify or high light pollution in water.
  • What this device does is to deceive the client to buy the reverse osmosis system.

Reverse Osmosis Marketing Gimmicks in a nutshell:

  • Dishonest marketing practices.
  • Fraudulent way of marketing water systems.
  • Promotion of fake products that have no health benefits.
  • Statements that cannot be proofed or have any laboratory reports.
  • Marketing material that’s been used as facts and proof.
  • Water that discolor with application of electricity.
  • Testing of water TDS, that proof nothing.
  • Using of different tricks to mislead clients.
  • This happens in the water industry at this moment.

RO Marketing Gimmicks

Marketing Gimmicks clean water

RO Marketing Gimmicks

Marketing Gimmicks with electricity, Electrode corrodes and color the water brown.