RO Marketing Exposure Test

RO Marketing Exposure Test is to expose the marketer or sales person as a fraud, a liar and a dishonest person. Show them the door. They have one coal in mind and that is to mislead you, to buy their product. The reverse osmosis system is a good product but the marketing concept is fraud. One word of advice: Please name and shame the business that promote this type of marketing. This people work for a business and they are instructed by the business to do the demonstration. It is the business that is dishonest.

What is the marketing exposure test?

RO Marketing Exposure Test

Marketing exposure information

The marketing exposure test is as follows. Let the person set up all the glasses with the water in and the device. Now take a teaspoon of table salt and put it in the reverse osmosis water. The drips that they use in the hospitals is 9% normal saline. It is sterile water with salt in it. If they can put it in a person’s veins and it do not kill them. What is then wrong with a little bit of salt? Now stir the salt a little bit. Let the person now switch the device on. What happens now? What a shock the water in the reverse osmosis glass is dirtier than the tap water. Why? Because the salt conducts the electric current and the rods corrode. What will his excuse be now? Only a red face. Please show them the door!

The temperature test.

After the person did the demonstration. Take the two glasses in your hand and feel the difference of temperature of the two glasses. The tap water glass will be hot and the reverse osmosis glass is cold. The reason for that is the rods act as an element and heat up the water due to the electric current that flow through it.

The reverse osmosis glass is cold because no electric current flow through it. That is why the reverse osmosis water glass is cold. There was no electric current and no reaction.

Let the person explain why the water temperature is different. If the person does not say that it is the result of the electric current that flow through the one glass and not through the other glass. That person is then not telling the truth. Please show them the door!

Marketing exposure of marketer:

RO Marketing Exposure Test

This is the fraudulent device that they use to sell RO systems.

  • Marketing exposure test is to expose the marketer for their statements and dishonest actions to make the potential client believe that they need the product.
  • The use of the two glasses of water with the two electrodes that is in every glass of water.
  • The reverse osmosis water is pure without any minerals or other product in. will not conduct the electricity.
  • The council water has minerals in and will conduct electricity.
  • Electrodes corrode and color the water brown.



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