Reverse osmosis benefits

We talk about the reverse osmosis benefits.

What are the reverse osmosis benefits?

Reverse osmosis benefits

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  •  The reverse osmosis process removes all chemicals, minerals, parasites and bacteria from the water source.
  • Reverse osmosis water it is clear purified water.
  • When we talk about clear purified water.
  • We talk about water that is clean from chemicals, parasites, bacteria and minerals.
  • When you drink reverse osmosis water you do not absorb any unwanted minerals and chemicals that are present in water.

Tap water and reverse osmosis benefits.

  • Tap water is mostly treated water that the municipality supply the public with.
  • Then there is also some treated sewerage water in the tap water to help the municipality to create more revenue.
  • Yes, we talking treated sewerage water.

Is the tap water safe?

Reverse osmosis benefits

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  • No! That is because of the treated sewerage water that’s been added to the tap water.
  • Let’s focus on the sewerage water.
  • There are unthinkable elements present in the sewerage.
  • Just think of what you have flushed down the drain in your live time.
  • Would you put that stuff in your mouth?
  • No! Never!
  • Well, you do when you drink tap water.
  • Think of all the chemicals that the municipality must add to the sewerage just to get it to a state that it is clear.
  • Do you think they remove the chemicals that are in the water?
  • No, there is no way they can remove the chemicals.

Drinking tap water.

Reverse osmosis benefits

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  • When you drink tap water.
  • You absorb anything you can think of.
  • Chemicals that could be harmful are present in the water.
  • Why do you think there are so many cancers and diseases?
  • Where do you think it comes from?
  • The medicines your neighbor take, your mother, father the hormones that most women take.
  • What do you think happened to the medicine they take?
  • A percentage is been discharged in the urine.
  • That urine flow to the sewerage plant.
  • The municipality do not treat the sewerage for hormones.

Tap water safety.

  • I cannot drink tap water.
  • To me the risk is too big.
  • I would drink reverse osmosis water.
  • The risk that I could harm my health is too big.
  • Why do I say that?
  • I have studied thousands of water samples that I took from different suburbs.
  • In every water sample I have found live organisms.
  • The most prominent parasite that I have found is the roundworm.
  • Yes, live roundworms.
  • Not one or two but tens to hundreds of them in one water sample.
  • If a roundworm is present in the tap water.
  • What else could be present?

Reverse osmosis water safety.

  • Reverse osmosis water is the only option.
  • There is no other option.
  • Any water filtration system other than a reverse osmosis system is not effective.
  • I will not even drink filtered water.
  • Some people would inform you that reverse osmosis water is dead.
  • It is not dead, it is pure.
  • I would rather drink water that has nothing in than drinking water that has harmful stuff that could have a negative impact on my health.
  • Don’t believe that the mineral replacement filters replace removed minerals back into the reverse osmosis water.
  • That is a lie.
  • Let them proof it.
  • For more information about mineral replacement filter.

 Found in tap water.

Reverse osmosis benefits

Video of 11 live roundworms



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