Substances RO System Removes

Substances RO System Removes from Water? Water Industry Make Claims of All Sorts, We Can Not Make Any Statement Have No Proof of Substances RO System Removes.

Discuss Substances RO system removes from the water?

Substances RO System Removes

Substances RO system removes from the water?

In the water industry they make claims of all sorts. I cannot make any statement that has no proof that substances RO system removes from the water source. I do not believe any information given to me as truth. I want to see proof.

RO Systems Industry statements:

Membrane technology is the only process that can remove heavy metals, such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury, radium 226/228, selenium, chlorine salts, turbidity, fluoride, bacteria and many more found in trap water.

RO system can substantially reduce dissolved metals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and manganese as well as brackish mineral salts, chlorides, chemicals, germs, radioactive rays, pesticides and other tastes.

RO systems can remove many types of molecules and ions from solutions and is used in both industrial processes and in producing potable water.

Ordinary tap water can often contain excessive chlorine, chloramines, copper, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, silicates, or many other chemicals.

What is the substances RO system remove?

Substances RO System Removes

Substances RO system removes

It removes nearly everything from the water. That is why the water tester as the marketers (precipitator) calls it not working. The water is so clean that even electricity can’t be conducted through reverse osmosis water. There will be no minerals or any bacteria in the reverse osmosis water. It cleans at the ion level. You can say it is just H2O, pure water.


Substances RO system removes:


We have no proof which types of chemicals the reverse osmosis system removes. There are thousands of different types of chemicals. Every year thousands of new chemicals is been introduced into the market. To make any statement in this regard is plain a misleading dishonest statement.


Hormones are of such a nature that if any person makes a statement that the reverse osmosis system removes any type of hormone. That person must put the findings and reports on the table. This is also a statement that we would not dare to make. That would be a lie.


Here we can talk quite frankly. We will divide this topic in two categories:

Substances RO System Removes

Photo of Garsfontein water sample with 11 live Roundworms in a 3 mm radius.

Normal water filters:

This type of water filters is the filters that you can get in shops and even the service people use them. We have found that these types of water filters are totally ineffective. Fact: we did tests and request information from manufacturers from America and China. The information that we have received was not what we have expected. The normal water filter has a 60% efficiency rate. Yes that is true. If you use the filter only 60% of that filter is effective. The 40% is ineffective. Not what you want to hear. Most (about 40%) of the photos on this website water samples was taken from the entrance of the reverse osmosis systems membrane housing. See “Garsfontein” photos. That was taken from the membrane housing. 11 Live Roundworms in a 3 mm circle under the microscope. Nice!

Tested effective water filters:

We decided to start testing all the different water filters. There is expensive and cheap water filters. It was a mayor task to test the water filters. We even put some of this water filters in reverse osmosis systems of our clients. Some clogged up within a few weeks. Others last the year to the next service. The focus was to get a water filter that is effective and is still cost effective. We have found the solution and tested the filter quite extensively. After a year when we serviced the reverse osmosis systems we found that the last sediment filter that we use was still clean. The colour that the filter has was the same as a filter would look like after just two weeks of use at our office. That was our mayor breakthrough. We use our two filters before the sediment filter. We could find no live organisms in the entrance section of the membrane housing. That is good news.



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