RO Water Healthy

RO Water Healthy to drink, better than treated sewerage water contaminated with bacteria and Roundworms. No hormones, chemicals, medicine and pesticides.

Is RO Water Healthy to Drink?

 RO Water Healthy

RO Water Healthy without any Roundworms in.

Yes, I will be the first to shout from the mountains that every person must use reverse osmosis water. RO water is healthy to drink for there are no parasites and living organisms in that would harm your health over a long period. There are those that say that the use of reverse osmosis water over a long period is not good for the health. There is people how getting problems with their health and the first culprit is reverse osmosis water. If you look to those persons eating habits then you will find that it is fast foods. Rich in fats and starch with no physical exercises. We don’t even mention taking mineral supplements.

The tap water has minerals in, reverse osmosis not, isn’t it?

The earth is so depleted from the essential minerals. Where do you think does the mineral that’s in the water come from? Yes, from the ground or can I say earth. If the earth is depleted from minerals what do you think do you then get from the water? Start asking questions. Do not accept any junk anybody tells you. Yes think what I say. You can accept it or reject it but it is your choice. You will only know the truth if you go and do the investigation yourself and know what is the truth. Don’t believe everything people say. You can use tap water for the minerals, parasites, chemicals, contraceptive chemicals and mush more. I believe RO water is healthy to drink and to use and I do not get in what those people get in that use tap water.

I use reverse osmosis water for more than 10 years.

 RO Water Healthy

RO Water Healthy and this would not be in my drinking water.

I can with all honesty say that I have no medical or health problems and I’m 53 years young. I use the reverse osmosis water for ironing, cooking, animals and anything that needs clean water. If I need minerals I just take mineral supplements and that is the best source today to get the minerals that you need. Start with the centrum product, its good. The bottom line is that RO water is healthy to drink.




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