reverse osmosis water unhealthy

Is drinking reverse osmosis water unhealthy?

reverse osmosis water unhealthy

Is drinking reverse osmosis water unhealthy?

No it is not people say that the reverse osmosis water is dead and that all the minerals is been removed. That is true that the minerals is been removed but show me dead water. Dead water is water that causes death. Tap water is dead water because it have chemicals, harmful minerals, parasites and bacteria in. that is what I call dead water. The minerals in the water are not for humans but for plants. You get your minerals from food and vegetables not water.

Benefits drinking reverse osmosis water:

reverse osmosis water unhealthy

Drinking reverse osmosis water unhealthy

The benefits for drinking reverse osmosis water is that the harmful chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and parasites is been removed. The water is the best you can get. That is as long as you have ID-WATSS approved filters and products. That is products and filters that’s been tested and fit for the purification of water. The standards are of utmost importance or else you will have all the tap water material in your purified water and you will not even know it.

Bottled versus reverse osmosis water:

Studies have found that bottled water is most of the time tap water that is just filtered. Those that state that it is reverse osmosis water is not of the same quality as domestic reverse osmosis water that work according to the ID-WATSS standards. The bottled reverse osmosis water or shops water is not that good as they promote it to be. It is better than tap water. there is some weak points that we have identify that make the water that’s been sold in water shops not  high quality reverse osmosis water. You waste your money if you buy water from the water shops. See the water shop section on this website. You will be shocked to see what we have found.

The domestic reverse osmosis water is a high quality type of water and cheaper.

Drinking reverse osmosis water unhealthy:

There is no danger to drink reverse osmosis water even over a long period of time. There are only good things about reverse osmosis water. If you are health conscious then reverse osmosis is for you. Those without the reverse osmosis systems in their houses will pay the price with their health. The effects of the tap water on the human body will manifest over a long time and when you fall ill then it is too late. All the years that you take the water in have the same effect as smoking on the body.

 What is the solution for the tap water problem?

The best you can do is to get a reverse osmosis system. That way you will improve your health and the quality of the water that you drink. If you use the reverse osmosis water you will never drink tap water again.




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