Reverse Osmosis Systems Removes Minerals

 Do Reverse Osmosis Systems Removes Minerals?

  • You asked, do the reverse osmosis system take minerals out of the water for you are concern about the minerals that’s been removed.
  • Yes the reverse osmosis system removes minerals from the water.
  • If that is a big concern to you then you can do the following:
  • Take mineral supplements.
  • Not using reverse osmosis water at all is not a very good idea.
  • If you want to get used to deworming every four months.
  • If you look to the creatures in the photos on this website.
  • I think you will think twice.
  • What are the biggest problem minerals or worms?
  • Read about the “mineral replacement filters” in the Products section under Filter.
  • We get our minerals from the food and vegetables that we eat and not from water.
  • Forget about the mineral replacement filters that the suppliers want to sell you.
  • They have no datasheet for that rubbish.
  • If you buy a reverse osmosis system the people will tell you that it is a NSF Certified system.
  • Please do not let them fool you.
  • What I can tell you is to get an ID-WATSS Certified system and only ID-WATSS certified suppliers can provide you with it.
  • ID-WATSS have set standards for the domestic reverse osmosis system.
  • Not for the system alone but for all the parts and installation practises.
  • ID-WATSS give out a year warranty on the filters that they approve.
  • If they show you the parts and filters they use and why they use it, you will know that they only use quality products.

 Reverse osmosis systems removes minerals facts:

  • Reverse osmosis systems removes minerals and that is a fact.
  • Let us look to it this way: our tap water that the government provide us with is clean.
  • Do you believe it?
  • Yes Rand Water supplies us with clean water and they do a brilliant job.
  • We only have one Big problem that the people do not know about.
  • The present government is looking for ways to get more money for BEE partners.
  • The government recycle the sewerage water at the sewerage treatment plants.
  • What they now do is not to pump this treated sewerage water into the rivers.
  • If they do that it could be an ecological and environmental disaster.
  • If all the amount of hormones and chemicals that is present in the treated water enter the rivers that would be disaster.
  • They rather pump it into our water supply and keep it a close process.
  • The question is: who is in charge of this treatment plant?
  • Do the take responsibility of the plants operation.
  • No they will never, they will rather ignore it.
  • The word responsibility do not exist in some of them vocabulary.


Back to the water. If you look to some photos on this website that we took from water samples you will never drink from the tap water again. The Roundworms and other organisms that you see come from the sewerage treatment plants. Wake-up my friends and act. Get yourself a reverse osmosis system now.


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