Clean drinking water

Clean drinking water that is free from any contamination.

  • The clean drinking water that you talk about is the water that you will find in the mountains.  
  • The clean drinking water flows from the rain or snow that melts.
  • Yes that water is clean drinking water in a sense but how will go and get this type of clean drinking water every day.
  • There is clean drinking water that they sell in bottles that comes from the Himalayas that cost an arm and a leg.
  • The problem is that you do not really know where this water comes from. 
  • That same water that you buy comes from a small water purifying business from somewhere in South Africa.
  • They just name their place Himalayas.
  • That way they did not lie or mislead you about the place where the water came from.

Is the reverse osmosis water clean drinking water?

  • Yes, the reverse osmosis water is as clean drinking water as you can get.
  • Provided that the reverse osmosis System is in a good working order.
  • We find reverse osmosis Systems that is been serviced every year but is not working properly.
  • We advise you when you have a reverse osmosis System, to make use of only ID-WATSS approved technicians and suppliers to service and maintain your reverse osmosis System.
  • Can you show me clean drinking water that is free from any pollutants.

What can I do to get clean drinking water?

  • The best advice that we can give you regarding clean drinking water is to get a reverse osmosis System.
  • It is better to get hold of a reverse osmosis systems supplier that is serious about the quality of their products and their reputation.  
  • We will give you the best quality product on the market for the price of any other supplier would ask you.
  • We all so give a three years warranty, that is filters excluded.
  • ID-WATSS is the governing body that have set the standards for the reverse osmosis Systems.
  • You can contact us for we are an ID-WATSS approved dealer.

Clean drinking water Facts:

  • You can forget to find clean pure drinking water in South Africa.
  • The water sources are already contaminated with some kind of contaminant.
  • Government do not act against the illegal miming and industries as the must.
  • Then we talk about all the settlements that are shattered with shacks with a toilet outside.
  • That toilet is the source of the biggest groundwater contamination.
  • The only clean drinking water is the reverse osmosis water that you have in your home.


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