RO Water Questions

We Discuss RO Water Questions that Our Clients Ask. Parasites, Live Organisms, Chemicals and Minerals that is Still Present in Our Treated Tap Water.

I have a RO water questions.

RO water questions

RO water questions that we will answer.

Is the RO water not unhealthy over a long period of use?

No. it is healthy for a few reasons. Like chemicals that’s been removed. Parasites that is not present in the purified water. Minerals that’s been removed.  People who claim that the reverse osmosis water is dead. This is not true and they have no proof. Then there is the people that claim that all the minerals is been removed from the water. We get our minerals from the food and vegetables that we eat and not from the water. The trees absorb the minerals from the water.

There are more positive aspects for the use of reverse osmosis water than negatives. The only negative aspect that I know of is the people’s negative attitude.

Are there really parasites in the tap water?

Yes there are. If you go to the photo section you will notice that there are suburbs on the section. This suburb that has photos in was taken from water samples when we serviced reverse osmosis systems in that suburb. We have found that every suburb have Roundworms in the tap water.

The question is why is the roundworms still alive in the treated tap water? Doesn’t the chlorine kill the Roundworms and other parasites? The answer to that question is. The chlorine does nothing to the Roundworms even if you can smell the chlorine in the tap water.

How are in charge of our water treatment plants?

We do not know the answer to this question but is that people qualified to do the work? Is all the material always at hand if it is needed to treat the water? The big question why is this Roundworms still in the treated tap water?


How do I get my RO water questions answered?

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