Change RO System filters


The Advice in the Industry is that Once a Year to Change RO System Filters is at this stage sufficient. We Service the RO Systems Once a Year. That is in South Africa.

Tel my how often should I change RO System filters?

  • The advice in the industry is that once a year to change RO system filters is at this stage sufficient.  
  • We service the RO systems once a year.
  • We keep a close look to the filters and the status of the systems filters to determine if the filters must been replaced more often. 
  • We find that every suburbs water quality differs from the next.
  • The one set of filters is brown and the next suburbs filters are dark brown with mud and sludge accumulating on the filters.
  • If you can afford it to change RO system filters more often, it would just be a plus for your health.
  • The other plus point is that your system is been checked more often and that means that if there is any problem it can be rectify.
  • Before it is too late.
  • It also depends if there is a constant pipeline repairs that take place in your suburb.
  • Every time the people work on the water pipelines they flush the system with chemicals to kill any contamination.
  • With this flushing of the pipelines there is solid material present that accumulate on the filters.


What type of water filters do you use?

  • The sediment filter can be a melted spray sediment filter, pleated filter,Ceramic filters or a woven filter.
  • These types of filters are design to keep the solid material from going through to the membrane.
  • This filters in the system plays a vital role for the health and correct functioning of the system as a unit.
  • They are the filters that are covered with brown sludge when they change RO system filters.

How effective is this sediment filters?

  • The public, shop buyers, service providers go on the information that is been given to them from the manufacturers and importers.
  • The importers and manufacturers supply the information material relating to the products.
  • The information is marketing material design to improve sales not data.
  • Do you really think that they will give you the correct information?
  • Do you think that they will provide you with an independent laboratory datasheet or report?
  • If you believe it you are in for a big surprise.
  • ID-WATSS did tests on parts and products that have been used in domestic reverse osmosis systems.
  • The technicians that’s been accredited by ID-WATSS know what parts and products they can supply to their clients.
  • Ask us!
  • We can help you.
  • There are filters on the market that we would not think of touching. It is a waste of money to get it.

Can I buy RO filters from any shop?

  • To get filters to change RO system filters is something to take very seriously.
  • If you get a filter of a low quality, you put it in the system and it stay there for a year.
  • Let’s say it is a low quality filter.
  • What do you think would the results be?
  • If I tell you that it will cost you more than you think.
  • You are going to replace your membrane more often.
  • Your membrane will clog up quicker.
  • You will not even notice it.
  • The system will then waste more water and that can be a few hundred rands.

RO system with low quality filters.

  • Would it have any effect on the water quality?
  • Yes it will have an effect.
  • The biggest effect will be that there will be WORMS, Parasites and Bacteria in you system.




Change RO System filters