RO High Inlet Water Pressure


RO High Inlet Water Pressure is a sure way to damage your reverse osmosis system. If the RO High Inlet Water Pressure is higher than 400 kPa or 4 bar then we can give you a letter that your reverse osmosis systems parts will get damaged and that will have a big cost effect on you. This is one of the most critical topics on this website. That is why we can give a three years warranty.

RO High Inlet Water Pressure is not good for the reverse osmosis system?

 RO High Inlet Water Pressure

High water pressure regulator information

High water pressure has an impact on the performance of the reverse osmosis system. You must remember that during the day people is awake and use water during the day. Whit all this people that use water the water pressure in the pipelines in the suburbs lower as more and more water is been used. We find in the suburb where we stay that the water pressure during the day is between 600 kPa and 800 kPa. During the night we took random readings at different times and find that the water pressure increased to 1100 kPa. If the water pressure is that high it can damage anything. The domestic reverse osmosis system cannot withstand that type of pressure all the time or over a long period.

 Can’t we just close the inlet valve a little to reduce the RO High Inlet Water Pressure?

This was what an engineer once told me and he stood by his view. He said that it will help to close the inlet valve towards the reverse osmosis system. He totally refuses to buy a specific pressure regulator that was the correct device.  He turned the valve halfway to the close position. What he did was to reduce the water flow. The water pressure cannot be reduced by closing the valve. The pressure will be the same as in front of the valve. Closing the valve will only reduce the water volume that flow through the valve at that time. If you take a pressure container and fill it up with water and there is a valve towards the container from the water inlet source. The valve can be a quarter open that would take the container 4 times longer to fill as if the valve was fully opened. The container is full and what do you think the water pressure be in the container in relation to the water inlet pressure. It would be exactly the same. There will be absolutely no difference in the pressure reading on both sides of the valve.

 Would any water pressure regulator work on a reverse osmosis system?


There is a variety of water pressure regulators on the market. We see them on the new clients systems that we service. The reason we service there systems now is that they have saved a lot of money just be let us correct there waste water from the reverse osmosis system. Some of these water pressure regulators look impressive but it is just showcasing. The only water pressure regulators that are approved by ID-WATSS work correct and if you use the approved pressure regulators you will have peace of mind. Your system would not give you any problems. That’s why we use it and can give our clients a long warranty on our systems. The water pressure plays a vital role in the reverse osmosis system. I think that the water pressure is the most important factor regarding the reverse osmosis systems functionality.

RO High Inlet Water Pressure

High water pressure regulator that we used. This is a high quality product made out of steel and can control the high water pressure.

RO High Inlet Water Pressure

This is a no-go for us. Made of plastic and can not regulate the high pressure over a long period. Pressure can not be adjusted. The set pressure of this device is 600 kPa and that is to high. Damage the 4 way valve .



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