RO Filter Housing Burst

RO Filter Housing Burst

Filter housing burst due to high water inlet water pressure.

  • RO Filter Housing Burst is due to a few factors that cause the water filter housing to burst.
  • What we have found is that the sales people and marketers inform their clients that the filter housing can withstand water pressures of up to 100 kPa or 10 bar.
  • Yes the filter housing can may be withstand that water pressure.
  • If you cater for that high water pressure you have a big surprise waiting for you.
  • What the people do not keep in mind is that it doesn’t matter what the maximum pressure your water filter housing can withstand.
  • It is what is the weakest part or point in the system.
  • That is the most critical point.
  • If that point is low then you must work around the maximum water pressure that part can withstand.
  • Do you agree?

Why does the RO Filter Housing Burst?

  • A client phoned me the other day with a big problem.
  • Her reverse osmosis systems filter housing burst during the night.
  • They were fast asleep and the morning when they woke up the kitchen floor was covered with water.
  • The cupboard was just water everywhere.
  • The worst was the cupboard had absorbed water and there was water damage to the cupboards in the kitchen.
  • She was not impressed with the situation.
  • She want to know if this could have been prevented?
  • I informed her that this is not supposed to happen.
  • If the person how did the installation knows what they are doing.

What happened before the RO Filter Housing Burst?

  • The client is serious about her family’s health and decides that clean purified water will play a vital role in a healthy body.
  • She bought the system from a supplier and they did the installation.
  • The day of the installation the council was busy working on the water supply to the suburb.
  • The service provider’s technician had no problem with that.
  • He installs the reverse osmosis system in hours’ time and left.

How the Reverse Osmosis system worked.

  • The system work as we thought it should work.
  • When we open the faucet, the water was coming out with force and it tasted fantastic.
  • Before she used the faucet she thought by herself that it would take ages to fill the kettle up with water from this small faucet.
  • But shy was surprise to see how good the system worked.
  • One of her friends have a system similar she the one she have.
  • The friend was also very happy with her system.
  • She had only one incident that happened.
  • The filter housing burst during the winter that year.
  • Luckily they were awake and her husband closes the inlet valve.
  • They had no damage at all.
  • Their service provider replaced the filter housing the next day.
What happened the night the RO Filter Housing Burst?RO Filter Housing Burst
  • It was a hot day and they watered the garden.
  • They were tired that night and went to bed early.
  • During the night the filter housing burst spilling water all over the place.


  • Why did it happen?
  • The filter housing burst would have never happened if the technician who did the installation did some testing before he install the system.
  • The water pressure to the house was 800 kPa during the day.
  • He did not test it because the water was cut-off that day.
  • During the night nobody use water and the water pressure increase to about 1100 kPa during the night.
  • The filter housing burst for it could just stand pressure up-to 1000 Kpa.
What could prevent the filter housing from bursting?
  • What the technician must have done was to install a pressure regulator before the system to regulate the pressure in the system.
  • Remember the system is just as strong as the weakest part.
  • If he installed a pressure regulator the filter housing bursting would never have happened.

You always work according to the strength of the weakest part never the strongest part.



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