Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters

  •  Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters is not just getting the water filters from the nearest shop and that is it!
  • No, to change reverse osmosis filters is a very important step.
  • You cannot take any filter and put it in your reverse osmosis system.
  • We find everyday filters in reverse osmosis systems that are totally the wrong type of filters that is not worth to be called a water filter.
  • The cheapest rubbish lands up in reverse osmosis systems.
  • You are serious about your water quality.
  • Be serious about the quality water filters they use in your water system.
  • It is your health.

How often should I Changing reverse osmosis filters?Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters

  • Changing reverse osmosis filters depends on the water quality in your area.
  • With treated tap water of municipalities the water is relatively clean.
  • It is not to say that the water is totally free of any chemicals, parasites or living organisms.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the age of the suburbs water infrastructure.
  • If it is an old suburb then the tap water will have some parasites and organisms in that you definitely do not want to consume.
  • That is why it is important that if you can afford a water treatment system that you get a system that matches the requirements for your area.
  • People just install any water system for some marketer show the some bad looking water.
  • By using the precipitation device.
  • This device is a fraudulent device.
  • Do not fall for this marketing practice.

Who can Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters?

  • The time that is recommended for the replacement of reverse osmosis filters is a year.
  • I use different types of water filters and have found that the sediment filter that is in the system is still clean after a year.
  • I just use them on systems of my regular clients and not on every client that use another service technician every year.
  • Looking for the cheapest service possible.
  • My service price is R 700.00.

What is important when Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters?

There are some businesses that inform their clients that the water quality is deteriorating and that the systems must be serviced on a more regular time interval.

This is not true if they use the correct high quality filters then there is no need to replace the water filters more than once a year.

Tips for filter replacement:

Use the best high quality filters that you can get.

Do not and I say do not use the type of water filters that you buy from a hardware, pool or irrigation shop.

If you are serious about your health is advised that you contact us to service your water purifying system.

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