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Advice for Renting Properties with Boreholes.

Renting Properties with Boreholes is common for years. It was normal practice to rent out a property that gets the water from a borehole. People did not ask a question on the quality of the borehole water. The first thing they ask is it borehole water? The next question is how much water the borehole can supply during an hour. That is the end of any question regarding the borehole. People think about all the water and what they can do with all the water.

Legal responsibility with Renting Properties with Boreholes.

Renting Properties with Boreholes have some responsibilities. Even that bank would want to know some critical information regarding the borehole water. First the bank wants borehole water yielding capacity. That is to ensure that the property have enough water.  The second information they need is, proof that the water is safe for human consumption. People just install a Reverse osmosis system and think that it is fine. That is not fine! That is only a fraction of the solution.

Water quality requirements for Renting Properties with Boreholes.

The water of the boreholes must be safe for human consumption. To state that you drink the water for years and nothing happened and that you are still healthy. That is no evidence that the water is safe for human consumption. The only thing that matters is to get the water tested at an accredited laboratory. Ask the people at the lab what the best test is to establish if the borehole water is safe for human consumption. A water shop is not accredited. When you receive the test results you can email it to us and we will study it and do recommendations. We would assist, supply, install and maintain the water treatment systems. Without the water testing results you would not know the quality of the water and what treatment system to use.



Renting Property with Borehole.

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