Purifying Water

Why purifying the water? 

Our water treatment systems are geared for the prevention of any waterborne live threatening diseases.
For instance chlorine and fluoride that’s been added to water by the municipal treatment plant in some instances react with organic matter that forms toxic, cancer forming organic products known as Trihalomethanes (THMSs).
Our industrial and domestic water purifiers come with pre-treatment for borehole water, well point water, rain water or river water.
Our pre-treatment system consist of sand, Activated carbon and water softeners to collect rust, sand, mud and other types of solids before the water can flow through your reverse osmosis membrane.

Water Purifying Advice.

Water purifying is very important.
Diseases that are present in water can stay for years in your body before it could manifest.
The correct water purifying system must be used for a specific application.
Get the critical information at hand before you buy and system.
Talk to the people that work with the water purification systems on a daily basis.
The sales person knows nothing about water treatment or the application.
The health of your loved once depends on it.
Buying cheap products will cause you to pay later on medical bills.

Water Filter Media.

We also provide a wide range of specialized water purification filter media, such as siliphos, Granular activated carbon , solid activated carbon, Ion exchange resin, glass media, Evolet, Cat-ion resin, Iron removal,  Manganese sand and much more.

Reasons for buying a Water Purification system.

Our water purifying system prices is the most affordable prices in Africa.
It is low maintenance systems.
Very easy to maintain.
Tailor made just for your application.
Get up to a 95% improvement rate on overall water quality.
Our Experienced technical team to assist in installations and maintenance.
High quality approved reverse osmosis membranes.
We keep stock and have a wide range of suppliers waiting our call.
We work around the clock, not Africa time.
Test us!

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Water Treatment Systems
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