10” Big Blue Water Filtration System


  • The 10" big blue water filtration system is the smaller size as the 20"big blue system.
  • The big blue systems is made for for medium to high water volume water flow.
  • Even where the water pressure is low, say from a water tank that is 4 meters above the ground.
  • We prefer a water pressure not higher than 400 kPa maximum inlet water pressure.
  • Depend on the type of filter that you use, like the sediment type of filter that collect sediment from water source.
  • The activated carbon water filter absorbed chlorine and some chemicals from the water source.

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Buying a 10" Big Blue Filter system.

  • I would not waste my money on this system.
  • I would rather go for the 20" Big Blue System.
  • The 20" Big Blue System is a better option.
  • It also depends on the application you want it for.

Where do you use the 10” Big Blue Water Filtration System?

• It is recommended for small families or houses of medium size.
• Offices where water source is of an unknown source.
• For industrial applications like schools and offices or small factories.
• Farm applications where the water pressure flow is low.

Is 10” big blue water filtration system effective?

• Yes the 10 big blue water filtration system is effective.
• Needs for certain types of filters must be identified.
• Where water source is contaminated or unsafe.
• It will prevent any parasites from passing through the systems water filters.
• Water filtration system must be ID-WATSS approved.
• Use of low quality products and filters is a major health problem.
• Suppliers of the water filtration systems do not know the quality of their products.
• ID-WATSS design standards for domestic water treatment systems.

The 10” Big Blue water filtration system?

  • We would rather recommended  the 20"big blue water filtration system.
  • The bigger system is a better option for expansion purposes.
  • Rather go big than starting small and later you find that the small system is not the right size anymore.